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1. marco (m)
transitive verb
2. rodear
  • surrounded by… rodeado(a) de or por…
surround [səˈraʊnd]
transitive verb
1 (encircle) rodear
a town surrounded by hills una ciudad rodeada de montes; the house was surrounded by a high wall la casa estaba rodeada por un muro muy alto; she was surrounded by children estaba rodeada de niños; the uncertainty surrounding the future of the project la incertidumbre que envuelve or rodea al proyecto
muscles surround blood vessels in the body the whole cake is surrounded by a thick coat of jelly let me explain some of the dangers which surround us I dislike the people who surround her he had made it his business to surround himself with a hand-picked group of bright young officers \some people surround themselves with beautiful things\ as an antidote to the ugly world we live in I love being surrounded by familiar possessions
2 (Mil) (Pol) [+troops, police] [+enemy, town, building] rodear; cercar
you are surrounded! ¡estáis rodeados!
the village was surrounded by troops shooting broke out after \the guards surrounded a villa in the city\
(border) marco (m); borde (m); [of fireplace] marco (m)
a large gas coal fire with a black marble surround
the bath/swimming pool had a tiled surround el baño/la piscina tenía un borde alicatado
surround sound (n) sonido (m) (de efecto) surround
Verb Conjugations for rodear
Gerund: rodeando
Participle: rodeado
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