1. (of army) 
a. la rendición (F) 
2. (of weapons) 
a. la entrega (F) 
no surrender!¡no nos rendiremos!
3. (finance) 
surrender valuevalor de rescate
transitive verb
4. (fortress, town) 
a. rendir, entregar 
5. (right, possessions) 
a. renunciar a 
6. (advantage) 
a. perder 
to surrender control of somethingentregar el control de algo
intransitive verb
7. (general) 
a. rendirse 
surrender [səˈrendəʳ]
1 (capitulation) (Mil) rendición (f); claudicación (f)
the government's apparent surrender to demands made by religious militants depression is a partial surrender to death a look of disbelief came into his eyes but it was replaced by one of surrender
no surrender! ¡no nos rendimos nunca!
2 (handover) [of weapons] entrega (f)
3 (Jur) [of lease, property] cesión (f)
4 (Insurance) [of policy] rescate (m) (previo al vencimiento)
intransitive verb
(Mil) rendirse
we will never surrender the rebels who took over the army barracks surrendered unconditionally after loyalist forces opened fire
I surrender! ¡me rindo!; to surrender to the police entregarse a la policía; to surrender to despair abandonarse or entregarse a la desesperación
she surrendered to the rhythm of the guitars I felt sure he would eventually surrender to the charms of Miss Gibbons he must decide either to curb his appetites or surrender to them when the guitars start up, that's it, no contest, you've no choice but to surrender to the rhythm we'll never surrender to the terrorists to surrender to the police the protesters surrendered to the police after about an hour
transitive verb
1 (Mil) [+weapons] rendir; entregar; [+territory, city] entregar
they surrendered the city to the invading forces the United States would never surrender this territory the Contras had so far refused to surrender their weapons \they refused to surrender their arms\ to the peacekeeping force the ruling class will not easily surrender wealth and power Mrs Thatcher said that if a country surrendered its control over monetary policy it wouldn't have much sovereignty left the rebels finally agreed to surrender control of the airport
to surrender o.s. (Mil) rendirse; (to police) entregarse; to surrender o.s. to despair abandonarse or entregarse a la desesperación
to surrender o.s. to remorse abandonarse al remordimiento
I surrendered myself to his charms me rendí a or ante sus encantos
2 (renounce, give up) [+claim, right] renunciar a
Nadia had to fill out forms surrendering her rights to the property
[+lease, ownership] ceder; [+hope] abandonar
3 (hand over) [+passport, ticket] entregar; hacer entrega de (formal)
surrender your ticket at the barrier they have been ordered to surrender their passports
4 (redeem) [+insurance policy] rescatar (antes del vencimiento)
whatever you do, don't surrender your life insurance or endowment policy if you need cash
surrender value (n) valor (m) de rescate
if you cash the bond in early, its surrender value will probably be less than waht you originally invested
Verb Conjugations for rendir
Gerund: rindiendo
Participle: rendido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
yome rindome rendíme rendíame rendiríame rendiré
te rindeste rendistete rendíaste rendiríaste rendirás
él/ella/ rindese rindióse rendíase rendiríase rendirá
nosotrosnos rendimosnos rendimosnos rendíamosnos rendiríamosnos rendiremos
vosotrosos rendísos rendisteisos rendíaisos rendiríaisos rendiréis
ellos/ellas/ rindense rindieronse rendíanse rendiríanse rendirán
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