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1. supremo(a)
  • to make the supreme sacrifice dar or entregar la vida
  • to reign supreme no tener rival; (person) imperar (justice, ideology)
  • supreme Commander (militar) comandante (m) en jefe
  • supreme Court (Law) Tribunal (m) Supremo (Estados Unidos), Corte (f) Suprema (Am)
supreme [sʊˈpriːm]
[+effort] supremo; [+heroism, confidence] sumo; [+achievement] mayor
it was considered his supreme achievement it is the supreme achievement of humanity It was either supreme [confidence] or considerable cheek act of supreme heroism.
it is of supreme importance es de suma importancia; with supreme indifference con suma indiferencia; it was a supreme irony that ... la mayor ironía fue que ...; the supreme sacrifice el sacrificio supremo; to reign supreme [+team, individual, city] no tener rival; gozar del dominio absoluto; [+ideology, tradition] predominar por encima de todo
it is the ideology of the market that reigns supreme until Europeans moved in with steel rails and locomotives, the camel reigned supreme For many years, the City of London reigned supreme as the financial capital of the world The Australian, who reigned supreme at the top of the Sony rankings for two years
the Supreme Being (n) el Ser Supremo
supreme champion (n) campeónonacampeona (m) (f) absolutoaabsoluta;ona campeona a absoluta
...last year's winner and supreme champion ...
Supreme Commander (n) comandante (m) en jefe; comandante (m) supremoasuprema;a suprema
Supreme Court (n) Tribunal (m) Supremo; Corte (f) Suprema; (LAm)
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