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suplicó represents different conjugations of the verb suplicar - View Conjugation


transitive verb
1. (to beseech) 
a. to beg 
Le suplicó al ladrón que no disparara. He begged the thief not to shoot.
b. to implore 
Te suplico que no le digas a mi papá lo que saqué en el examen. I implore you not to tell my father what I got on my test.
c. to plead 
Me puedes suplicar todo lo que quieras; de todos modos te voy a dar la multa. You can plead all you want; I'm going to give you the ticket anyway.
2. (to petition) 
a. to appeal to (legal) 
Vamos a suplicar al tribunal de distrito.We are going to appeal to the district court.
transitive verb
1. (rogar) 
suplicar algo (a alguien)to plead for something (with somebody)
suplicar a alguien que haga algoto beg somebody to do something
2. (law) 
a. to appeal to 
transitive verb
1 (rogar) to beg; beg for; plead for; implore
suplicar a algn no hacer algo to beg o implore sb not to do sth; te suplico que te quedes I beg you to stay
se suplica cerrar la puerta please shut the door
2 (Jur) to appeal to; petition;de against
Verb Conjugations for suplicar
Gerund: suplicando
Participle: suplicado
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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