1. (formal) (on one's back) 
a. supino (formal) 
The patient was lying in a supine position.El paciente estaba tumbado en posición supina.
The detective knelt next to the supine body.La detective se puso de rodillas al lado del cuerpo que estaba tendido sobre el dorso.
2. (passive) 
a. abúlico 
Your supine acceptance of the situation is incomprehensible.Su aceptación abúlica de la situación es incomprensible.
1. (general) 
a. tumbado(a) de espaldas 
2. (fig) 
a. pasivo(a) (inactive) 
3. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to lie supineyacer de espaldas
supine [ˈsuːpaɪn]
1 (prostrate) [+person, position] de espaldas; sobre el dorso; supino (formal)
she was relaxing, supine, on the beach ... ...bedridden [persons] confined to the supine position are prone to bedsores Manolo waved from his supine [position] on the sofa
he lay supine on the couch estaba tendido sobre el dorso or (formal) en posición supina en el sofá
...a close-up of his corpse lying supine on the pavement. Old Ned was lying supine on the floor and didn't stir
2 (passive) abúlico
That spurred her not to take a supine [attitude], but to work hard to right certain wrongs which exist in our society*
the government's supine response to the rise in petrol prices la reacción abúlica del gobierno ante la subida de los precios de la gasolina
other branches of government were supine, at best, in the face of great injustice to black Americans
supino (m)
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