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1. superlativo (m) (gramática)
2. excelente (excellent)
3. superlativo(a) (gramática)
superlative [sʊˈpɜːlətɪv]
1 (outstanding) excepcional
superlative wines vinos de excepcional calidad
some superlative wines are made in this region the hotel has a superlative view of Hong Kong island
2 (Gram) superlativo (m)
...the superlative form of an adjective
1 (Gram) superlativo (m)
"Best" is the superlative of "good".
in the superlative en el superlativo
Some adjectives cannot be used in the comparative or the superlative
to talk in superlatives
the critics were reaching for superlatives los críticos se deshacían en elogios; he tends to talk in superlatives tiende a hablar en términos muy elogiosos de todo
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