1. (weather) 
a. el sol (M) 
I'm going to the park to enjoy the sunshine.Voy al parque para disfrutar del sol.
Open the window and let some sunshine in.Abre la ventana y deja que la luz del sol entre.
The chubby cat took a nap in the sunshine.El gato regordete se durmió a la luz del sol.
1. (general) 
a. el sol (M) 
five hours' sunshinecinco horas de sol
sunshine [ˈsʌnʃaɪn]
1 sol (m); luz (f) del sol
in the sunshine al sol
In the marina yachts sparkle in the sunshine.. She was sitting outside a cafe in bright sunshine..
hours of sunshine (Metal) horas (f) de sol; daily average sunshine media (f) de horas de sol diarias
hello, sunshine! (to little girl) ¡hola, nena! (informal); now look here, sunshine mira, macho (informal)
sunshine law (n) (US) ley que obliga a mantener informado al público
sunshine roof (n) (Aut) techo (m) solar
Phrases with "sunshine"
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you are my sunshine
eres mi sol
Good morning, sunshine.
Buenos días, rayito de sol.
my sunshine
mi sol
sunshine mixed with a little hurricane
sol y vientos huracanados
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