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1. cima (f) cumbre (f) (of mountain, career, power)
2. cumbre (f) (meeting)
  • to hold a summit celebrar una (reunión en la) cumbre
summit [ˈsʌmɪt]
1 [of mountain] cima (f); cumbre (f)
did anyone reach the summit? ¿alcanzó alguien la cima or la cumbre?
2 cima (f); cumbre (f)
the summit of human achievement
a man at the summit of his career un hombre en la cima or la cumbre de su trayectoria profesional
Bart's has many former pupils at the summit of the medical profession
3 (Pol) (also summit conference) cumbre (f); conferencia (f) al más alto nivel
summit conference (n) cumbre (f); conferencia (f) al más alto nivel
summit meeting (n) cumbre (f)
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