"sumar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to add together (varias cantidades)
  • tres y cinco suman ocho -> three and five are o make eight
  • súmale diez -> add ten
2. to add (añadir)
  • súmale a eso todas las mentiras que nos ha dicho -> to that we also have to add all the lies he's told us
  • suma y sigue -> carried forward; (en contabilidad) here we go again! (informal figurative)
3. to come to (costar)
pronomial verb
1. to join (a in)
  • sumarse a la opinión de alguien -> to adhere to somebody's opinion

sumar [soo-mar’]
article & verb transitive
1. To sum, to collect particulars into a total; to add.
2. To collect into a narrow compass (recoger); to sum up, to recapitulate.
  • La cuenta suma 6 dólares -> the bill adds up to $6. -vn
To cast up accounts; to result.

1 (Matemáticas) to add (together)
suma estas dos cantidades add these two amounts (together)
2 (totalizar) to add up to; come to
la cuenta suma seis dólares the bill adds up o comes to six dollars; dos y dos suman cuatro two and two are o make four
3 (resumir) to summarize; sum up
to add up
suma y sigue (Contabilidad) carried forward
sumarse a algo to join sth; sumarse a un partido to join a party; sumarse a una protesta to join in a protest

Verb Conjugations for "sumar" (go to to add)


yo sumo sumé sumaba sumaría sumaré
sumas sumaste sumabas sumarías sumarás
él/ella/Ud. suma sumó sumaba sumaría sumará
nosotros sumamos sumamos sumábamos sumaríamos sumaremos
vosotros sumáis sumasteis sumabais sumaríais sumaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. suman sumaron sumaban sumarían sumarán
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