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intransitive verb
1. (to count)
a. to add
Marina aprendió a sumar y a restar en su clase de matemáticas.Marina learned to add and subtract in her math class.
transitive verb
2. (to include)
a. to add
La sopa está sosa. ¿Puedes sumar un poco más de sal?This soup is tasteless. Can you add a bit more salt?
3. (to count)
a. to add up to
Seis y cuatro suman diez.Six and four add up to ten.
reflexive verb
4. (to participate in)
a. to join
¿Desean sumarse a nuestro maratón de Star Wars en mi casa esta noche?Do you want to join our Star Wars marathon at my house tonight?
transitive verb
1. to add together (varias cantidades)
  • tres y cinco suman ocho three and five are o make eight
  • súmale diez add ten
2. to add (añadir)
  • súmale a eso todas las mentiras que nos ha dicho to that we also have to add all the lies he's told us
  • suma y sigue carried forward; (en contabilidad) here we go again! (informal figurative)
3. to come to (costar)
pronominal verb
1. to join (a in)
  • sumarse a la opinión de alguien to adhere to somebody's opinion
transitive verb
1 (Matemáticas) to add (together)
suma estas dos cantidades add these two amounts (together)
2 (totalizar) to add up to; come to
la cuenta suma seis dólares the bill adds up o comes to six dollars; dos y dos suman cuatro two and two are o make four
3 (resumir) to summarize; sum up
intransitive verb
to add up
suma y sigue (Contabilidad) carried forward
pronominal verb
sumarse a algo to join sth; sumarse a un partido to join a party; sumarse a una protesta to join in a protest
Verb Conjugations for sumar
Gerund: sumando
Participle: sumado
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