1. (clothing) 
a. el traje (M) 
All of the team members wore matching suits to the ceremony.Todos los miembros del equipo llevaron trajes a juego para la ceremonia.
2. (in cards) 
a. el palo (M) 
There are four suits in a deck of cards.Hay cuatro palos en una baraja de cartas.
3. (legal) 
a. el pleito (M) 
Since her ex-husband wouldn't cooperate, she filed a suit against him.Ya que su exmarido no cooperaba, ella le entabló un pleito.
4. (colloquial) (executive) 
There's a meeting tomorrow with a couple of suits from New York.Mañana hay una reunión con dos ejecutivos de Nueva York.
transitive verb
5. (to look attractive with) 
a. quedar 
Those earrings suit you real well!¡Esos pendientes te quedan muy bien!
6. (to be appropriate for) 
a. convenir 
The full-time position suits me better than the part-time one.El puesto a tiempo completo me conviene más que el de tiempo parcial.
We can reschedule the meeting for next week. Does that suit you?Podemos reprogramar la reunión para la próxima semana. ¿Te viene bien?
The climate here doesn't suit him.El clima aquí no le sienta bien.
7. (to meet) 
We adjust the level to suit the needs of each learner.Ajustamos el nivel para que se adapte a las necesidades de cada estudiante.
1. (clothing) 
a. el traje (M) 
b. el terno (M) () 
suit of armorarmadura f
2. (in cards) 
a. el palo (M) 
3. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to follow suitseguir el ejemplo
4. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
politeness is not his strong suitla amabilidad no es su fuerte
5. (law) 
a. la pleito m, demanda (F) 
transitive verb
6. (of clothes, colors) 
a. sentar bien a 
blue/this hat suits youel azul/este sombrero te sienta bien
7. (of arrangement, time, job) 
a. convenir a, venir bien a 
to be suited to or for somethingser indicado(a) para algo
they are well suited to each otherestán hechos el uno para el otro
8. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
that suits me down to the ground(eso) me viene a pedir de boca
suit yourselfhaz lo que quieras
9. (adapt) 
a. adecuar 
suit [suːt]
1 (clothing) (for man) traje (m); terno (m); (LAm) (for woman) traje (m) (de chaqueta)
a dark, pinned-striped business suit suit and tie
three-piece/two-piece suit traje or terno de tres/dos piezas; (LAm)
she wore a tweed suit
a rubber suit un traje de goma
you have to wear a special rubber suit for protection the six survivors only lived through their ordeal because of the special rubber suits they were wearing
suit of armour armadura (f)
suit of clothes conjunto (m)
he was wearing a new suit of clothes that he'd saved three months for
2 (also lawsuit) pleito (m)
the judge dismissed the suit
to bring or file a suit (against sb) entablar un pleito (contra algn)
former employees have filed personal injury suits against the company the airline fears there will be hundreds of negligence suits filed by relatives of passengers
civil suit pleito (m) civil
in a civil suit, one side needs only to prove his case on the balance of probabilities several parents have filed a civil suit against her
3 (Cards) palo (m)
to follow suit (in cards) jugar una carta del mismo palo; seguir el ejemplo
you have to follow suit if you can
modesty is not his strong or long suit especially (US) la modestia no es su fuerte
politeness is not his strong suit
4 (petition) petición (f); (for marriage) petición (f) de mano
Dick did not propose marriage on this outing, although Naomi would have considered herself old enough to have received his suit
her parents gave me permission to plead or press my suit sus padres me dieron permiso para pedir su mano
they didn't object to your pressing your suit, then
5 (business executive) ejecutivoaejecutiva (m) (f);a ejecutiva
The room was full of suits
transitive verb
1 (look good on) [+clothes, shoes, hairstyle] quedar bien a; sentar bien a
green suits you that new hairstyle really suits her
the coat suits you el abrigo te queda or te sienta bien; choose earrings which suit the shape of your face elige pendientes que vayan bien con la forma de tu cara
2 (be acceptable to, please) [+date, time, arrangement] venir bien a; convenir
when would suit you? ¿cuándo te viene bien or te conviene?; I'll do it when it suits me lo haré cuando me venga bien or cuando me convenga
his busy lifestyle seems to suit him
I don't think a sedentary life would suit me no creo que la vida sedentaria sea para mí; it suits him to work nights le viene or le va bien trabajar de noche
the ability to believe whatever it suits you to believe she had the useful ability of being able to believe whatever it suited her to believe
choose the method which suits you best elige el método que te vaya mejor or que más te convenga
the lifestyle that suits us best
it would suit us better to come back tomorrow nos vendría mejor or nos convendría más volver mañana
he found a life that suited him better encontró una forma de vida más apropiada para él
"would Monday suit you?" - "that suits me fine" because I wasn't very bright I was put on to ancient history and not political theory so that suited me fine if you don't want to listen it suits me fine she was not the least bit curious about me, which suited me fine
that suits me fine eso me va bien or me conviene
the climate suits me fine el clima me sienta bien
to suit sth to sth/sb adaptar algo a algo/algn
to suit one's style to one's audience I would recommend looking at the wine list before ordering, and suiting the food to whatever you are drinking
to suit sb down to the ground [+plan, situation] venir de perlas a algn; [+house, job] ser perfecto para algn
their London house suits them down to the ground
I can come and go to suit myself puedo ir y venir como me convenga or plazca; he has already arranged his life to suit himself ya ha organizado su vida como le conviene or place
Always wanting to break the rules, or bend them to suit herself
suit yourself! ¡como quieras!; suit yourself whether you do it or not hazlo o no según te parezca
intransitive verb
(be convenient)
will tomorrow suit? ¿te viene bien mañana?; come whenever it suits ven cuando más te convenga
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