Sudor in English | Spanish to English Translation
masculine noun
1. sweat (transpiración); condensation (de pared)
  • con el sudor de mi frenteby the sweat of my brow
  • me costó muchos sudores conseguirlo(figurative) I had a real struggle to get it
  • me entran sudores fríos de pensarlo(figurative) it makes me break out in a cold sweat o it sends a shiver down my spine just to think of it(me entra miedo)
1 (transpiración) sweat
con el sudor de su frente by the sweat of one's brow; estar bañado en sudor to be dripping with sweat
2 (also sudores) (esfuerzo) toil singular; (s) labour singular; (s) labor singular; (s) (EEUU)
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