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transitive verb
1. chupar (lollipop); succionar (liquid); mamar (mother's milk); aspirar (air)
  • to suck one's thumb chuparse el dedo
intransitive verb
2. (very familiar)
  • that movie/idea sucks! ¡esa película/idea es una caca! (especialmente Estados Unidos)
suck [sʌk]
transitive verb
[+person] sorber; [+machine] aspirar
to suck one's fingers
to suck one's thumb/fingers chuparse el dedo/los dedos; we were sucked into the controversy nos vimos envueltos en la polémica
He warned that if the President tried to enforce control, the country would be sucked into a power vacuum ...the extent to which they have been sucked into the cycle of violence
to suck sb dry (of sth) exprimir (algo) a algn
Britain sucked dry by money market leeches Lured to the Pacific by the area's purity, they soiled it with their diseases and passed the islands on to the Americans, sucked dry of innocence
to suck it and see (Britain) probar a ver
intransitive verb
1 (gen) chupar; [+baby] (at breast) mamar
the baby was sucking noisily
to suck on/at sth chupar algo; to suck at one's mother's breast mamar del pecho de su madre
2 especially (US)
this sucks es una mierda (very_informal)
Verb Conjugations for chupar
Gerund: chupando
Participle: chupado
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