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1. suscripción (f) (to newspaper, magazine); cuota (f) (to club); donativo (m) (to charity)
subscription [səbˈskrɪpʃən]
1 (act of subscribing) (to magazine, newspaper) su(b)scripción (f); (to club, telephone service, pay TV) abono (m); (to email provider) conexión (f)
2 (fee) (to magazine, newspaper, pay TV, email provider) su(b)scripción (f); tarifa (f) de su(b)scripción; (to club) cuota (f)
to pay one's subscription (to magazine, newspaper) pagar la su(b)scripción; (to pay TV) pagar el abono or la cuota de abono; (to club) pagar la cuota; annual or yearly subscription (to magazine, journal) su(b)scripción (f) anual; (to club) cuota (f) anual; by public subscription con donativos (de particulares)
we hope that the repairs can be paid for by public subscription
to take out a subscription to sth (to club, pay TV, telephone service) abonarse a algo; (to magazine, newspaper) su(b)scribirse a algo
subscription fee (n) (for magazine, email, pay TV) tarifa (f) de su(b)scripción; (for club membership, telephone service) cuota (f)
subscription form (n) hoja (f) de su(b)scripción
subscription rate (n) tarifa (f) de su(b)scripción
subscription reminder card (n) tarjeta (f) recordatoria de renovación de suscripción
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