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1. tema (m) (of conversation, book, painting, photograph); asignatura (f) materia (f) (at school, university)
  • while we are on the subject ya que hablamos del tema
  • to change the subject cambiar de tema
  • subject matter tema (m) , asunto (m) (of letter, book)
2. sujeto (m) (gramática)
3. súbdito(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) (of monarch)
4. sometido(a) (state, country)
5. (prone)
  • to be subject to illness/jealousy/depression ser propenso(a) a las enfermedades/los celos/la depresión
  • to be subject to delay/a fine of £50 estar sujeto(a) a retrasos or demoras/una multa de 50 libras (Am)
  • subject to sujeto(a) a (dependent on)
verbo transitivo [səbˈdʒekt]
6. someter, subyugar (subjugate) (people, nation)
7. (force to undergo)
  • to subject somebody to something someter a alguien a algo
1 (topic, theme) tema (m); (plot) argumento (m); asunto (m)
to change the subject cambiar de tema
she tried to change the subject he quickly changed the subject and started talking about his mother
let's change the subject cambiemos de tema; changing the subject ... hablando de otra cosa ...; cambiando de tema ...
it's a delicate subject es un asunto delicado
on the subject of ... a propósito de ...
(while we're) on the subject of money ... ya que de dinero se trata ...
this raises the whole subject of money esto plantea el problema general del dinero
2 (Educ) (Univ) asignatura (f)
3 (Gram) sujeto (m)
4 (Med) caso (m)
he's a nervous subject es un caso nervioso
5 (Sci)
guinea pigs make excellent subjects los conejillos son materia excelente para los experimentos etc; (para los experimentos etc)
6 especially (Britain) (Pol) súbditoasúbdita (m) (f);a súbdita
British subject súbditoasúbdita (m) (f) británicoabritánica;a súbdita a británica liberty of the subject libertad (f) del ciudadano
1 [+people, nation] dominado; subyugado
subject to (liable to) [+law, tax, delays] sujeto a; [+disease] propenso a; [+flooding] expuesto a; (conditional on) [+approval etc] sujeto a
A woman who is subject to herpes simplex infections needs to look after herself extremely well during pregnancy animals which are stroked regularly are less subject to stress than those who are not Subject to many tropical diseases, they lived in fear and superstition in the darkness of the deep rain forests spaniels are subject to heart disease
these prices are subject to change without notice estos precios están sujetos a cambio sin previo aviso; subject to correction bajo corrección
subject to the approval of
subject to confirmation in writing sujeto a confirmación por escrito
transitive verb
to subject sb to sth someter a algn a algo; to subject a book to criticism someter un libro a la crítica; to be subjected to inquiry ser sometido a una investigación; I will not be subjected to this questioning no tolero este interrogatorio or esta interrogación; she was subjected to much indignity tuvo que aguantar muchas afrentas
subject heading (n) título (m) de materia
subject index (n) (in book) índice (m) de materias; (in library) catálogo (m) de materias
subject matter (n) (topic) tema (m); asunto (m); [of letter] contenido (m)
subject pronoun (n) pronombre (m) (de) sujeto
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