1. (obstinate) 
a. terco 
She is very stubborn and won't take no for an answer.Es muy terca y no aceptará un no como respuesta.
b. testarudo 
Don't be so stubborn. Do as you're told!No seas tan testarudo. ¡Haz lo que se te dice!
c. necio (Costa Rica) (Mexico) 
This stubborn horse won't take another step.Este caballo necio se niega a continuar.
2. (tenacious) 
a. tenaz 
Being so stubborn has helped him greatly advance his career.Ser tan tenaz le ha ayudado mucho a avanzar su carrera.
3. (resistant) 
It will be difficult to sway the opinion of the more stubborn people in the group.Será difícil influir en la opinión de las personas más inflexibles del grupo.
4. (persisting) 
a. rebelde 
This stubborn cough won't go away.Esta tos rebelde no se me quita.
1. (person) 
a. testarudo(a), terco(a) 
2. (determination, resistance) 
a. obstinado(a), pertinaz 
3. (stain, infection) 
a. pertinaz 
as stubborn as a muleterco(a) como una mula
stubborn [ˈstʌbən]
1 (obstinate) [+person] testarudo; terco; tozudo; [+animal] terco; [+nature, attitude, silence, refusal] obstinado
The child sat in stubborn [silence] THE ICC are set to finally break their stubborn silence over the Lord's ball-tampering scandal
[+resistance, insistence, determination] obstinado; pertinaz
she has a very stubborn streak puede ser muy testaruda or terca or tozuda
as stubborn as a mule terco como una mula
in meetings he was stubborn and uncompromising He was a very stubborn man ...Europe's stubborn [refusal] to reduce farm subsidies They criticized the general for his stubborn refusal to take appropriate defensive measures The government will surely face stubborn resistance if it attempts to dismantle this legislation The U.S. government abolished child labor despite stubborn opposition by a number of southern states His face was set in an expression of stubborn determination After four years of stubborn [defiance], the Confederate capital finally fell her attitude of stubborn defiance often got her into trouble Charles's stubborn [attitude] has only made matters worse he has a stubborn nature
2 (hard to deal with) [+problem] pertinaz; [+stain, lock] difícil; resistente
he had a stubborn cold tenía un resfriado persistente
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hard-headed and stubborn
testarudo y terco
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