intransitive verb
1. (to fight) 
a. luchar 
She desperately struggled to break free but to no avail.Luchó desesperadamente por soltarse sin conseguirlo.
2. (to strive) 
a. luchar 
They struggled for many years to get to where they are today.Lucharon muchos años para llegar hasta donde están hoy.
He struggled to appear calm.Se esforzó a aparentar tranquilo.
3. (to have difficulty) 
a. costar 
I am struggling to understand the reasoning behind all of this.Me cuesta entender el razonamiento que hay detrás de todo esto.
4. (confrontation) 
a. la lucha (F) 
After a long struggle, the army made its way through the city gates.Tras una larga lucha, el ejército atravesó las puertas de la ciudad.
b. la pelea (F) 
Everything is a struggle with my son.Todo es una pelea con mi hijo.
5. (strained effort) 
a. la lucha (F) 
I read a book about Susan B. Anthony's struggle for women's suffrage.Leí un libro sobre la lucha de Susan B. Anthony para el sufragio femenino.
6. (difficult task) 
Sitting through the four-hour test was a real struggle.Tomar un examen por cuatro horas fue un verdadero esfuerzo.
1. (effort) 
a. la lucha (F) 
2. (physical fight) 
a. el forcejeo (M) 
without a strugglesin oponer resistencia
life is a strugglela vida es una lucha constante
intransitive verb
3. (try hard) 
a. luchar 
4. (fight physically) 
a. forcejear 
to struggle to do somethingluchar por hacer algo
to be strugglingestar pasándolo muy mal
struggle [ˈstrʌɡl]
1 pelea (f); forcejeo (m)
Algeria's violent struggle for independence \the armed struggle\ of the working people of England the terrorist organization is threatening to relaunch its armed struggle at the scene of the crime there were signs of a struggle
there were signs of a struggle había señales de haberse producido una pelea or un forcejeo
two men went up to him and a struggle broke out dos hombres se acercaron a él y se desencadenó una pelea
he lost his glasses in the struggle perdió las gafas en la pelea or refriega
to put up a struggle oponer resistencia; forcejear
all three put up a struggle to fight off the attacker Police found tables overturned and signs she had put up a struggle
he handed over his wallet without a struggle entregó su billetera sin oponer resistencia
police advise victims to hand over their valuables without a struggle they surrendered [without] a struggle
2 lucha (f);for por
her struggle to feed her children su lucha por poder dar de comer a sus hijos; I had a struggle to persuade her me costó trabajo persuadirla
the struggle to find somewhere to live an environment in which every day is a struggle for survival The new rise in credit card charges will intensify the struggle for survival of hundreds of shopkeepers turtle meat is regarded as a delicacy. Now these turtles face a desperate struggle for survival the bitter \power struggles\ between Left and Right for control of the Party it was a struggle to convince him it was a struggle but we made it reading was a struggle for him losing weight was a terrible struggle She feels that she will have to give up the struggle he had a struggle with the knot, but he got it untied in the end the struggle [against] apartheid
he finally lost his struggle against cancer finalmente perdió su lucha contra el cáncer
the class struggle
the struggle for survival la lucha por la supervivencia
there is a fierce power struggle going on behind the scenes hay una intensa lucha por el poder entre bastidores
a power struggle between two very powerful media men
local shopkeepers are not giving up without a struggle los tenderos del barrio no van a rendirse sin luchar
you won't succeed without a struggle
intransitive verb
1 (scuffle) forcejear
with assailant, guard
she screamed at him to stop as they struggled on the ground he struggled fiercely as they put on the handcuffs
stop struggling! ¡deja de forcejear!
Even the smallest animals struggle a little when they feel themselves trapped
he struggled to get free from the ropes forcejeó para soltarse de las cuerdas
we were struggling for the gun when it went off forcejeábamos para hacernos con la pistola cuando se disparó
to struggle with sb forcejear con algn
there were signs that she had struggled with her attacker I saw two guards struggling with a raider
2 (move with difficulty)
to struggle free lograr soltarse con dificultad
his friend managed to struggle free but Tom was left trapped in the bog/overturned van to struggle [in]/[out]
I struggled into my costume logré ponerme el disfraz como pude
having struggled into my trousers, I was now faced with the problem of how to put on my socks Jessica struggled into a sitting position
we struggled through the crowd nos abrimos paso a duras penas entre la multitud
to struggle [to] one's feet
she struggled to her feet logró ponerse de pie
as he was about to be counted out, the boxer struggled to his feet I struggled into a bathrobe and staggered down the stairs Phillips struggled up the hill
the bus was struggling up the hill el autobús subía con dificultad la cuesta
he was struggling with his luggage cargaba con su equipaje con gran esfuerzo
I struggled with my bags, desperately looking for a porter two men struggled with the wardrobe but they couldn't shift it
3 (fight against odds) luchar
to struggle to do sth luchar por hacer algo; esforzarse por hacer algo
to struggle against sth luchar contra algo
he struggled against the disease for 20 years luchó contra la enfermedad durante 20 años
they had to struggle against all kinds of adversity the sense of the individual struggling against a hostile environment
we could see she was struggling for breath veíamos como respiraba con dificultad
to struggle in vain luchar en vano
4 (have difficulties) tener problemas
they were struggling to pay their bills tenían problemas or iban apurados para pagar las facturas
I always struggled at school The team has struggled in the past, losing 98 games last year to be struggling Australia were already struggling at 71-5
the economy is struggling la economía está en apuros
American colleges and universities are struggling under the same financial burdens as everyone else
he's struggling in his present class se ve apurado en la clase en la que está ahora
to struggle through (sth)
I struggled through the book me costó terminar de leer el libro; tuve problemas para terminar de leer el libro
his admiration at how his mother struggled through during the dark early years of his life he's struggling to make ends meet he is struggling to finish it before tomorrow
she has struggled with her weight for years ha tenido problemas con su peso durante años
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the struggle is real
la lucha es real
struggle with
forcejar con
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