1. (physically or mentally powerful) 
a. fuerte 
2. (friendship, argument) 
a. sólido(a) 
3. (intense; color, light) 
a. intenso(a) 
4. (smell, drink, measures, language) 
a. fuerte 
5. (resemblance, accent) 
a. marcado(a) 
6. (belief, support) 
a. firme 
7. (possibility) 
a. serio(a) 
strong point(punto m) fuerte m
8. (durable; rope, cloth, shoes) 
a. fuerte, resistente 
9. (good; candidate) 
a. firme 
10. (team) 
a. fuerte 
she's strong at physicsla física es uno de sus fuertes
11. (general) 
to be still going strongestar todavía en forma
12. (general) 
the stronglos fuertes
strong [strɒŋ]
stronger (comparative)strongest (superlative)
1 (physically tough) fuerte
I'm not strong enough to carry him no soy lo suficientemente fuerte para cargar con él
I feared I would not be able to control such a strong horse to be strong in the arm
to have strong nerves tener nervios de acero
you need strong nerves to deal in futures we have strong nerves and we will come through these difficulties
to have a strong stomach tener un buen estómago
he needed a strong stomach for his latest starring role as a heart specialist, which involved him witnessing open-heart surgery the strong arm of the law
to be as strong as an ox ser fuerte como un toro
2 (healthy) [+teeth, bones] sano; [+heart] fuerte; sano
he's got strong teeth and bones when you are strong again Many of the youngsters are barely strong enough to stand; all walk like old men his heart isn't as strong as it was
she has never been very strong nunca ha tenido una constitución fuerte; he's getting stronger every day (after operation) se va reponiendo poco a poco
3 (sturdy) [+material, structure, frame] fuerte
the trains were of a strong, modern design strong kraft paper is spun around steel wire this toilet paper is exceptionally strong if you're going hillwalking, you'll need strong shoes it is simple in design, strong and very safe the fabric is strong enough to withstand constant washing the shelf wasn't strong enough to take the weight of my books
4 (powerful) [+drug, wine, cheese, wind, voice] fuerte; [+coffee] fuerte; cargado; [+argument, evidence] sólido; de peso; [+currency] fuerte; [+magnet, lens] potente; [+impression, influence] grande
an actor who has a very strong voice she has a strong pure voice and sings sweet, wholesome melodies The choir from the nearby training school were in strong voice that evening there are strong arguments that some clergy should be allowed to marry there is a strong argument that there is strong evidence that organophosphates (ops), chemicals used in sheep-dipping and in some insecticides, have a similar affect on the brain to BSE. the evidence is strong that people who lead hostile, competitive lives are more likely to suffer heart disease than easy-going people the firm issued a strong denial yesterday and said it will vigorously defend its position how strong are his current spectacles? prescriptions for ever stronger lenses I wanted some stronger painkillers The drink wasn't strong enough for him and he added more whisky She never drank anything stronger than Coke. strong coffee or tea late at night make cause sleeplessness the wine goes with strong and mild cheeses alike you'll need a strong bleach to get the stain out glue the mirror in with \a strong adhesive\ a strong pound gave a boost to shares yesterday before you can have a strong currency, you need a strong economy if the pound maintains its strong performance against the dollar everything will depend on how strong the pound is the US dollar continued its strong performance in Tokyo today she can already make a strong case for claiming that she's the best British woman athlete there's been There is a very strong case that nuclear energy, unpopular as it may be, is in fact the greenest form of energy of all a fairly strong current seemed to be moving the whole boat we're glad if our music makes a strong impression there will be a strong incentive to enter into a process of negotiation a strong influence on the world economy there is a strong indication that she was sexually assaulted this was a strong indication of the quite astonishing attitude to the law by a senior local government officer in strong [concentrations] it can cause nausea and vomiting Their action would necessitate strong measures the government has said it will take strong action against any further strikes Pakistan in a strong position on the opening day of the final Test if you get good grades, you'll be in a stronger position when it comes to looking for a job he continues to protest his innocence in the strongest possible terms
music with a strong beat música (f) con mucho ritmo
we have a strong case (against them) las razones que nosotros exponemos son muy sólidas (en contraposición a las de ellos)
to be in a strong [position] the bride's parents had strong [reservations] about the match strong [winds] and torrential rain
5 (firm) [+opinion, belief, supporter] firme
she holds strong views on Cuba An old lady, a strong Labour supporter, grabbed me by the arm
a man of strong principles un hombre de principios firmes
there is still a strong belief among professionals that her strong Catholic beliefs made abortion unthinkable these people have strong convictions strong religious convictions how strong are her religious beliefs? there is a strong conviction that we have strong family connections he has strong links with England there will still be strong ties between the countries no matter what happens
Delhi developed strong ties with Moscow Delhi desarrolló vínculos muy estrechos con Moscú
I'm a strong believer in love
I am a strong believer in tolerance creo firmemente en or soy gran partidario de la tolerancia
6 (mentally) fuerte
he has a strong personality tiene un carácter or una personalidad fuerte; he tries to be strong for the sake of his children intenta mostrarse fuerte por el bien de sus hijos
because I'm a man I'm supposed to be strong and not cry
he is a strong leader es un líder fuerte or sólido; he's the strong silent type es de los muy reservados
his father was the strong silent type I think sometimes you need to be strong - like a father who clips a naughty child Jane was not strong enough mentally to cope with her husband's illness it's up to managers to be strong and do what they believe is right eventually I felt strong enough to look at him
7 (intense) [+emotion, colour, smell] fuerte; intenso; [+light] potente; intenso
his strong feelings of inadequacy strong maternal feelings he knew how strong my feelings were there was a strong feeling of unity among the players Eric always had a strong sense of justice strong colours would flatter her pale face and dark hair sauce with a strong tomato flavour it's a strong flavour without being overpowering
there was a strong smell of petrol había un fuerte or intenso olor a gasolina
a strong smell of camphor and cloves
8 (good) [+team] fuerte; [+candidate] bueno; firme; [+marriage, relationship] sólido
the company was not financially strong she was a strong contender for Britain's Olympic team they've got a strong squad and some great players
he is a strong swimmer/runner es un buen nadador/corredor; the show has a strong cast el espectáculo tiene un buen reparto or un reparto muy sólido
he felt he had a relationship strong enough to talk frankly to Sarah we have a strong marriage
a strong performance from Philippa Lilly in the title role una actuación sólida or convincente por parte de Philippa Lilly en el papel de protagonista
what saves the picture from disaster are some strong performances and a powerful narrative
she is strong in maths las matemáticas se le dan muy bien
Edward is a bright boy who is particularly strong in maths to be strong [on] sth
he's not very strong on grammar no está muy fuerte en gramática
the film is strong on plot and narrative
discretion is not Jane's strong point la discreción no es el fuerte de Jane
exports may be the only strong point in the economy
geography was never my strong point la geografía nunca fue mi fuerte
to be in a strong position encontrarse en una buena posición
he's in a strong position to take over from Jack when he retires
there is a strong possibility that ... hay muchas posibilidades de que ...
there is a strong possibility that the cat contracted the condition by eating contaminated pet food
9 (severe, vehement) [+words] subido de tono; fuerte; [+denial] tajante
it condemned, in extremely strong language, what it called Britain's iniquitous campaign
there has been strong criticism of the military regime se ha criticado duramente el régimen militar
the organization issued a strong protest yesterday we shall be making a strong protest through the UN
he has written a very strong letter of protest to his MP ha escrito una carta de protesta muy enérgica a su diputado; strong language (swearing) lenguaje (m) fuerte; (frank) lenguaje (m) muy directo; in the strongest possible terms enérgicamente
I condemn in the strongest possible terms this cowardly action he continues to protest his innocence in the strongest possible terms I should like to object in the strongest possible terms to this
10 (noticeable) [+resemblance] marcado; [+presence] fuerte
he had a strong German accent tenía un fuerte or marcado acento alemán
she bore a strong resemblance to her sister It was one of those strong, firm faces which have a permanent tan the glance was strong and steady in its challenge we are especially encouraged by the strong representation this year of women in information technology disciplines
there is a strong element of truth in this hay gran parte de verdad en esto
we must keep a strong presence in the Gulf
11 [+features] pronunciado; marcado
He is a good-looking man with strong features and a tall, powerful body
12 (in number)
the Ukraine indicated that it would establish its own army, 400,000 strong
they are 20 strong son 20 en total; a group 20 strong un grupo de 20 (miembros etc); a 1000-strong crowd una multitud de 1000 personas
13 (Ling) [+verb] irregular
to come on strong (be harsh) ser duro; mostrarse demasiado severo
don't you think you came on a bit strong there? ¿no crees que fuiste un poco duro?; ¿no crees que te mostraste un poco severo?; she was coming on strong (showing attraction) se veía que él le gustaba
to be going strong
the firm is still going strong la empresa se mantiene próspera; their marriage is still going strong after 50 years después de 50 años su matrimonio sigue viento en popa; he was still going strong at 90 a sus 90 años todavía se conservaba en forma
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