1. (blow, tennis shot) 
a. el golpe (M) 
2. (in rowing) 
a. la palada (F) 
3. (movement in swimming) 
a. la brazada (F) 
4. (swimming style) 
a. el estilo (M) 
on the stroke of nineal dar las nueve
5. (caress) 
a. la caricia (F) 
to give something/somebody a strokeacariciar algo/a alguien
6. (medicine) 
a. la derrame cerebral, apoplejía (F) 
7. (idioms) 
she hasn't done a stroke of workno ha dado ni golpe
a stroke of luckun golpe de suerte
a stroke of geniusuna genialidad
at a strokede un golpe
transitive verb
8. (caress) 
a. acariciar 
stroke [strəʊk]
1 (blow) golpe (m)
ten strokes of the lash diez azotes; with one stroke of his knife de un solo navajazo
at a or one stroke de un solo golpe
with one [fell] stroke
stroke of lightning rayo (m)
his greatest stroke was to ... su golpe maestro fue ...
a stroke of diplomacy un éxito diplomático
he hasn't done a stroke (of work) no ha dado golpe
a stroke of genius una ocurrencia genial
the idea was a stroke of genius la idea ha sido genial
a stroke of luck un golpe de suerte
by a stroke of luck por suerte; then we had a stroke of luck luego nos favoreció la suerte
3 (caress) caricia (f)
she gave the cat a stroke acarició el gato; with a light stroke of the hand con un suave movimiento de la mano
4 [of pen] trazo (m); plumada (f); [of brush] pincelada (f); (Tip) barra (f) oblicua
with a thick stroke of the pen con un trazo grueso de la pluma
at a stroke of the pen with one stroke of the pen de un plumazo
5 (Cricket) (Golf) golpe (m); jugada (f); (Billiards) tacada (f)
good stroke! ¡buen golpe!; ¡muy bien!; to put sb off his/her stroke (distract) hacer perder la concentración a algn; distraer a algn; he tried to put me off my stroke (Dep) trató de hacerme errar el golpe
the crowd's shouts were putting xxx (tennis player) off her stroke she didn't allow the criticism to put her off her stroke
different strokes for different folks especially (US) cada cual tiene sus gustos; hay gustos como colores
No matter how much you spend on these clothes, you'll still look like a bum. It's different strokes for different folks, but it certainly isn't my cup of tea The federal government has, by tradition, been respectful of local standards in local communities, and therefore you had different strokes for different folks
6 (Swimming) (single movement) brazada (f); (type of stroke) estilo (m)
he went ahead at every stroke se adelantaba con cada brazada
7 (Rowing) remada (f); (person) primeraprimera remeroaremera (m) (f);a primera a remera
they are rowing a fast stroke reman a ritmo rápido; to row stroke ser el primer remero; remar en el primer puesto
8 [of bell, clock] campanada (f); toque (m)
on the stroke of 12 al dar las 12
to arrive on the stroke of time
9 [of piston] carrera (f)
10 (Med) derrame (m) cerebral; apoplejía (f)
to have a stroke tener un derrame cerebral; tener un ataque de apoplejía
transitive verb
1 [+cat, sb's hair] acariciar; [+chin] pasar la mano sobre; pasar la mano por
2 (Rowing)
to stroke a boat ser el primero remero
to stroke a boat to victory ser el primero remero del bote vencedor
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