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1. calle (f)
  • on
  • in the street en la calle (or británico)
  • street fighting peleas (f pl) callejeras
  • street lamp farola (f)
  • street map plano (m) de calles; callejero (m) (book)
  • street market mercado (m) en la calle
  • street sweeper barrendero(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino)
  • street theater teatro (m) callejero
  • street value valor (m) en la calle (of drugs)
2. (idioms)
  • to walk the streets hacer la calle (prostitute)
  • the man in the street el hombre de la calle
  • to be streets better than (familiar) dar mil vueltas a
  • that's right up my street eso es lo mío, eso es lo que me va (español de España)
  • to have street cred (familiar) tener buena imagen en la calle
street [striːt]
calle (f); jirón (m); (Peru)
he lives in or on the High Street vive en la Calle Mayor; to be on the streets (homeless) estar sin vivienda; (as prostitute) hacer la calle
to be streets ahead of sb (Britain) adelantarle por mucho a algn
we are streets ahead of them in design les damos ciento y raya en el diseño
they're streets apart (Britain) los separa un abismo
they're not in the same street as us (Britain) no están a nuestra altura; no admiten comparación con nosotros
it's right up my street (Britain) esto es lo que me va; esto es lo mío
the back streets
street arab (n) golfo (m); chicuelo (m) de la calle
street cleaner (n) barrenderoabarrendera (m) (f);a barrendera
street corner (n) esquina (f) (de la calle)
street cred street credibility (n) dominio (m) de la contracultura urbana
street door (n) puerta (f) principal; puerta (f) de la calle
street fight (n) pelea (f) callejera
The unnamed man was fatally wounded during a street fight in the city's Stoneside Drive Steve, 30, stabbed a man in a street fight and served 12 years
street fighting (n) peleas (f) callejeras
street lamp (n) farola (f); faro (m); (LAm)
street level (n)
at street level en el nivel de la calle
street light (n)
street lamp See culture box in entry street.
street lighting (n) alumbrado (m) público
street map (n) plano (m) (de la ciudad)
street market (n) mercado (m) callejero; tianguis (m); (Méx) feria (f); (LAm)
street musician (n) músico (m) ambulante
street photographer (n) fotógrafo (m) callejero
street plan (n) plano (m); callejero (m)
street sweeper (n) barrenderoabarrendera (m) (f);a barrendera
street theatre (n) teatro (m) en la calle; teatro (m) de calle
street urchin (n) golfo (m); chicuelo (m) de la calle
street value (n) valor (m) en la calle
street vendor (n) (US) vendedoravendedora (m) callejeroacallejera;a vendedora a callejera
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