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1. arroyo (m) riachuelo (m) (brook)
2. chorro (m) (of light, blood, water); torrente (m) (of tears, insults); oleada (f) (of people)
  • to come on stream entrar en funcionamiento (industrial plant)
transitive verb
3. chorrear (spurt)
4. (escuela)
  • to stream pupils dividir en grupos a los alumnos según su capacidad (británico)
intransitive verb
  • the water streamed out el agua salía a chorros
  • people streamed into the stadium la gente entraba en masa al estadio
  • his eyes were streaming le lloraban los ojos
5. ondear (hair, banner)
stream [striːm]
1 (brook) arroyo (m); riachuelo (m)
He led us along the bank of the stream The hills abound with streams and waterfalls
2 (current) corriente (f)
to go with/against the stream ir con/contra la corriente
3 (jet, gush) [of liquid] chorro (m); [of light] raudal (m); [of air] chorro (m); corriente (f); [of lava] río (m); [of insults, abuse] sarta (f); [of letters, questions, complaints] lluvia (f)
a thin stream of water un chorrito de agua; she exhaled a thin stream of smoke lanzó or exhaló un chorrillo de humo
the water flowed out in a steady stream which is better? we don't ned both trans do we? a thin stream of blood trickles down his face A sponge feeds by filtering particles from the stream of water passing through its body he is now receiving a constant stream of oxygen through a pipe clipped on to his nose a stream of warm/cold air he pursed his lips and let the smoke trickle out in a thin stream a stream of smoke he breathed out a stream of cigarette smoke workers are trying to fortify earthen barriers to hold back a stream of lava from Mount Etna Mount Unzen is still active, putting out a steady stream of hot ash and rocks the stream of black, smoking lava from Europe's most active volcano has been crawling forward since December
a steady stream of cars un flujo constante or ininterrumpido de coches; people were coming out of the cinema in a steady stream había una continua hilera de gente que iba saliendo del cine; we had a constant stream of visitors recibíamos visitas continuamente or sin parar; he let out a stream of insults soltó una sarta de insultos
a stream of questions
stream of consciousness monólogo (m) interior
my letters are usually stream of consciousness writing; I write down my thoughts as they occur to me it provoked \a stream of readers' letters\
4 (Britain) (Educ) grupo de alumnos de la misma edad y aptitud académica
we were in the same Maths stream examinations may be used to decide which children are to move into \the top streams\
the top/middle/bottom stream la clase de nivel superior/medio/inferior
the B (etc) stream
5 (Ind)
to be on/off stream [+machinery, production line] estar/no estar en funcionamiento; [+oil well] estar/no estar en producción; to come on stream [+machinery, production line] entrar en funcionamiento; [+oil well] entrar en producción
if that happens, I believe the investment the companies are holding back and expenditure that individuals are holding back will come on stream to bring the oil on stream I don't know it#f this trabslation is right, I need a definition or something. Elena Reports that Iraqi oil production might come on stream early in the New Year unsettled traders
intransitive verb
1 (pour)
tears were streaming down her face le corrían las lágrimas por la cara
She stood in the doorway, \tears streaming down her face\
rain streamed down the windows la lluvia chorreaba por las ventanas; blood streamed from a cut on his knee le chorreaba sangre de un corte en la rodilla
he had blood streaming from a deep cut on his arm
water streamed from a cracked pipe salía agua a chorros de una cañería rota
water streamed from the tap blood streamed from the wound le salía sangre a chorros de la herida his back was streaming [with] sweat
his head was streaming with blood la cabeza le chorreaba sangre
her face was streaming with tears
people streamed into the hall la gente entró en tropel a la sala; bright sunlight streamed in through the window/into the room la fuerte luz del sol entraba a raudales por la ventana/en la habitación
the midday sun streamed into the room I love being woken up in the morning with the sun streaming in Thousands of people have been streaming through the streets towards the town hall
people came streaming out la gente salía en tropel
nurses streamed out of the hospital
as holiday traffic streams out of the cities ... a medida que las caravanas de las vacaciones van saliendo de las ciudades ...; the cars kept streaming past los coches pasaban ininterrumpidamente or sin parar
Traffic was streaming towards them
2 (water, run)
her eyes were streaming le lloraban los ojos
Lili was sitting on a bed coughing and spluttering, her nose streaming eating chillies can make your eyes stream the eyes become itchy, reddened and start streaming my eyes began to stream when the bright stage lights came on
my nose was streaming me moqueaba la nariz
my nose always streams with hayfever
3 (flutter) [+flag, hair, scarf] ondear
flags streamed in the wind las banderas ondeaban al viento
There she was, her golden hair streaming out behind her
transitive verb
his face streamed blood la sangre le corría or chorreaba por la cara
The sun was hot, they panted and streamed sweat
2 (Britain) (Educ) [+pupils] agrupar; clasificar según su aptitud académica; (según su aptitud académica)
Children are not streamed, but they are divided into sets for each subject
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