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1. almacenamiento (m) almacenaje (m)
  • in storage en almacén
  • to put something into storage almacenar algo
  • storage charges gastos mpl de almacenaje
  • storage heater acumulador (m) de calor
  • storage space sitio (m) or espacio (m) para guardar cosas
  • storage tank depósito (m)
storage [ˈstɔːrɪdʒ]
almacenaje (m); almacenamiento (m); (Comput) almacenamiento (m)
to put sth into storage (in a warehouse) almacenar algo; (furniture) llevar algo a un guardamuebles
storage battery (n) acumulador (m)
storage capacity (n) capacidad (f) de almacenaje
storage charges (n) derechos (m) de almacenaje
a storage facility Japan has not yet begun to build a permanent storage facility for radioactive waste
storage heater (n) acumulador (m)
storage room (n) (US) trastero (m)
storage space (n) lugar (m) para los trastos
storage tank (n) (for oil etc) tanque (m) de almacenamiento; (for rainwater) tanque (m) de reserva
storage unit (n) (furniture) armario (m)
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