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1. banqueta (f) (seat); taburete (m) (with short legs)
  • to fall between two stools(sentido figurado) quedarse nadando entre dos aguas
  • stool pigeon(familiar) soplón(ona) (sustantivo masculino o femenino)
2. heces (f pl) (medicina) (feces)
stool [stuːl]
1 (seat) taburete (m); escabel (m); (folding) silla (f) de tijera
to fall between two stools quedarse sin lo uno y sin lo otro; quedarse nadando entre dos aguas y no llegar a ningún lado
if you reject that job and then don't get offered the other one you'll have fallen between two stools
2 (Med) (faeces) deposición (f)
3 (Bot) planta (f) madre
stool pigeon (n) (informer) chivatoachivata (informal) (m) (f);a chivata soplónonasoplona (informal) (m) (f);ona soplona (decoy) señuelo (m)
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