Stomach in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. estómago (m)
  • on an empty stomach con el estómago vacío
  • it turns my stomach (sentido figurado) me revuelve el estómago
  • to have no stomach for something (sentido figurado) no tener estómago para algo
  • to have (a) stomach ache tener dolor de estómago
  • stomach pump (medicina) sonda (f) gástrica
transitive verb
2. soportar (tolerate)
stomach [ˈstʌmək]
1 (organ) estómago (m)
I've got a pain in my stomach me duele el estómago; tengo dolor de estómago
on an [empty] stomach
it turns my stomach me revuelve el estómago
the thought of tripe turns my stomach to think of him getting his hands on her money turns my stomach
he had an upset stomach tenía el estómago revuelto
to have no stomach for sth
he had no stomach for another argument with them no se sentía con ánimos para tener otra discusión con ellos; they have no stomach for the fight no tienen agallas para luchar
America has no stomach for a fight Even their own supporters have have no stomach for the vendetta against local government He preferred to dine out, having no stomach for the dismal offerings in the college hall
an army marches on its stomach la marcha de un ejército depende del contenido de los estómagos de sus soldados
2 (belly) barriga (f)
to hold one's stomach in meter estómago
you're holding your stomach in! - you're not that slim
to lie on one's stomach estar tumbado boca abajo
children like lying on their stomachs
I always sleep on my stomach siempre duermo boca abajo
transitive verb
1 [+food] tolerar
Nicholas cannot stomach lamb, chicken, turkey or any cooked meats I just can't stomach anything to eat so early in the morning
2 aguantar; soportar
can you stomach it?
I can't stomach the thought of him cheating on her no aguanto or soporto la idea de que la esté engañando
I just couldn't stomach his childishness I CANNOT stomach Tony Blair's brand of socialism
it was more than I could stomach era inaguantable or insoportable
His anger and accusations this time were more than I could stomach It was more than Chantal could stomach that this should be happening again
stomach ache (n) dolor (m) de estómago; dolor (m) de barriga
stomach cramps (n) retortijones (m) de barriga
stomach disorder (n) trastorno (m) estomacal
stomach lining (n) membrana (f) que recubre las paredes del estómago
stomach muscle (n) músculo (m) del abdomen
stomach pump (n) bomba (f) gástrica
stomach ulcer (n) úlcera (f) gástrica
stomach upset (n) trastorno (m) estomacal
to have a stomach upset tener un trastorno estomacal
stomach wall (n) pared (f) del estómago
stomach wound (n) herida (f) estomacal
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