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1. reservas (f pl) (supply); existencias (f pl) (comercio)
  • the red ones are out of stocklos rojos están agotados
  • the red ones are in stocknos quedan rojos en almacén
  • to take stock(sentido figurado) hacer balance
  • stock control(comercio) control (m) de existencias
  • stock list(comercio) inventario (m)
2. ganado (m) (livestock)
3. valor (m) (finanzas) (share); (capital (m) en) acciones (f pl) (total share value)
  • stocks and sharesvalores mpl
  • her stock is going up/down(sentido figurado) está ganando/perdiendo crédito
  • stock certificatetítulo (m) de acción(Estados Unidos)
  • stock exchangebolsa (f) (de valores)
  • stock marketmercado (m) de valores
  • stock optionsopciones (f pl) sobre acciones
4. ascendencia (f) origen (m) (descent)
  • she's of German stockes de origen alemán
5. culata (f) (of rifle)
  • stockspicota (f)(for punishment)
6. caldo (m) (in cooking)
  • stock cubepastilla (f) or cubito (m) de caldo (concentrado)
7. tópico(a) (argument, excuse)
transitive verb
8. tener (existencias de) (have in stock) (goods)
9. surtir (supply) (shop)(with de), abastecer (with de)
  • the shop is well stockedla tienda está bien surtida
stock [stɒk]
1 (Comm) existencias (f)
quantity for sale
offer valid while stocks last oferta válida hasta que se agoten las existencias
he sold his father's entire stock of cloth vendió todas las existencias de telas que tenía su padre
stocks of unsold goods built up if demand is less than expected and the firm finds that stocks of unsold goods build up the shop has a large stock
to have sth in stock tener algo en existencia
I'm not sure whether there are any coffee grinders [in] stock
check that your size is in stock compruebe que tengan su talla
to be out of stock estar agotado
camping-gas stoves are out of stock se han agotado las cocinillas de gas
we withdrew a quantity of stock from sale [surplus] stock sold at bargain prices
to take stock (make inventory) hacer el inventario; evaluar la situación
Give yourself time to take stock and make plans
to take stock of [+situation, prospects] evaluar; [+person] formarse una opinión sobre
they both stood there for a few seconds, taking stock of each other she'd been taking stock of her companions. There must have been about forty of them, all obviously nervous it was time to take stock of the situation it's time to take stock of who you are and where you are going
2 (supply) reserva (f)
stocks of ammunition reservas de municiones
fish/coal stocks are low las reservas de peces/carbón escasean
stocks of food were running low se estaban agotando las provisiones de alimentos
our stocks of matches are running low she kept her stock of vegetables in the cellar
to get in or lay in a stock of sth abastecerse de algo
I always keep a stock of tinned food siempre estoy bien abastecido de latas de comida
I keep a stock of cassettes to [lay in] a stock of sth We must lay in a stock of wine before the price goes up in the budget he always has a stock of whisky, in case friends call round
there has been a steep decline in fish stocks in the North Sea Britain's blood stocks dropped dangerously low the stock of accommodation available to rent
3 (selection) surtido (m)
luckily he had a good stock of books por suerte tenía un buen surtido de libros
we have a large stock of sportswear tenemos un amplio surtido de ropa deportiva
a paperback, from the library's stock of trashy titles
4 (Teat)
stock of plays repertorio (m) de obras
5 (Economics) (capital) capital (m) social; capital (m) en acciones
They have more than tripled the value of their stock
(shares) acciones (f); (government securities) bonos (m) del estado
Later in the year, stocks fell to almost exactly half their original value Heavy bidding for \oil company stocks\ may be just beginning xxx acciones de compañías petrolíferas xxxx
stocks and shares acciones (f)
the buying and selling of stocks and shares
6 (status) prestigio (m)
his stock has gone up or risen (with the public) ha ganado prestigio (entre el público)
this showed just how Mackay's stock had gone up in the business world/with business people
7 (Agr) (livestock) ganado (m)
breeding stock ganado de cría
I am carefully selecting the breeding stock
8 (descent)
people of Mediterranean stock gentes (f) de ascendencia mediterránea
The two groups sprang from common stock She was a mcneill, descended from Scots Highland stock
to be of peasant stock ser de ascendencia campesina
John XXIII, although of similar peasant stock and background, had very different ideas generations of peasant stock
to be or come of good stock ser de buena cepa
of good stock of good Castilian stock marsupials come from early mammal stock
9 (Cookery) caldo (m)
make a thick stock of meat and vegetables
beef/chicken stock caldo de vaca/pollo
10 (Ferro) (also rolling stock) material (m) rodante
11 (handle) (gen) mango (m); [of gun, rifle] culata (f)
The rifle had been cut down and fitted with a special stock.
12 (Bot)
12 (flower) alhelí (m)
12 (stem, trunk) [of tree] tronco (m); [of vine] cepa (f); (source of cuttings) planta (f) madre; (plant grafted onto) patrón (m)
13 stocks
the stocks (Hist) el cepo
13 (Náut) astillero (m); grada (f) de construcción
to be on the stocks [+ship] estar en vías de construcción; [+piece of work] estar en preparación
he has three plays on the stocks tiene tres obras entre manos
14 (tie) fular (m)
transitive verb
1 (sell) [+goods] vender
do you stock light bulbs? ¿vende usted bombillas?
we don't stock that brand no vendemos esa marca
we stock a wide range of bicycles tenemos un gran surtido de bicicletas
The shop stocks everything from cigarettes to recycled loo paper It's the only shop I know round here that stocks this brand Some stores still refuse to stock these items
2 (fill) [+shop] surtir; abastecer;with de; [+shelves] reponer; [+library] surtir; abastecer;with de; [+farm] abastecer;with con; [+freezer, cupboard] llenar;with de; [+lake, river] poblar;with de
they have stocked these studs with 800 horses
a well stocked shop/library una tienda/biblioteca bien surtida
I worked stocking shelves in a grocery store buying and stocking a deep freeze is a major expense We stocked her little cupboard with biscuits and snacks
the lake is stocked with trout han poblado el lago de truchas
I had a lake dug that I could stock with fish
1 (Comm) [+goods, model] de serie; estándar
stock line línea (f) estándar; stock size tamaño (m) estándar
she is not stock size
2 (standard, hackneyed) [+argument, joke, response] típico
"mind your own business" is her stock response to such questions —no es asunto tuyo, es la respuesta típica que da a esas preguntas
a stock phrase una frase hecha
The "tyranny of capitalism" became a stock phrase among my Marxist friends There are so many about that they have become stock characters
3 (Teat) [+play] de repertorio
such stock characters of romance as the lovelorn swain ... was actually wringing her hands, like a stock character from bad melodrama
4 (Agr) (for breeding) de cría
stock mare yegua (f) de cría
stock book (n) libro (m) de almacén; libro (m) existencias
stock car (n) (US) (Ferro) vagón (m) para el ganado; (Aut) (Dep) stock-car (m)
stock certificate (n) certificado (m) or título (m) de acciones
stock company (n) sociedad (f) anónima; sociedad (f) de acciones
stock control (n) control (m) de existencias
stock cube (n) (Cookery) pastilla (f) or cubito (m) de caldo
stock dividend (n) dividendo (m) en acciones
Stock Exchange (n) (Economics) Bolsa (f)
to be on the Stock Exchange [+listed company] ser cotizado en bolsa
prices on the Stock Exchange Stock Exchange prices cotizaciones (f) en bolsa
stock farm (n) granja (f) para la cría de ganado
stock farmer (n) ganaderoaganadera (m) (f);a ganadera
stock index (n) índice (m) bursátil
The Nikkei Stock Index dropped to more than 1,000 points daily trading hours of stock index futures and options will also be shortened
stock list (n) (Economics) lista (f) de valores y acciones; (Comm) lista (f) or inventario (m) de existencias
stock management (n) gestión (f) de existencias
stock market (n) (Economics) bolsa (f); mercado (m) bursátil
stock market activity actividad (f) bursátil
stock market closing report
stock option plan (n) plan que permite que los ejecutivos de una empresa compren acciones de la misma a un precio especial
stock raising (n) ganadería (f)
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