Sting in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. aguijón (m) (of bee, scorpion) (organ); picadura (f) (wound)
2. escozor (m) (sensation)
3. (idioms)
  • to have a sting in the tail tener un final sorpresa muy fuerte (story)
  • to take the sting out of something hacer algo menos traumático(a)
verbo transitivo (pt & pp stung [stʌŋ])
4. picar (of bee); pinchar (of nettle); herir (sentido figurado) (of remark)
  • to sting somebody into action (sentido figurado) espolear a alguien para que pase a la acción
  • they stung him for £10 (familiar sentido figurado) le clavaron 10 libras
intransitive verb
5. escocer (eyes, skin)
sting [stɪŋ] stung (past)
1 (Zool) (Bot) (organ) aguijón (m)
but there's a sting in the tail pero viene algo no tan agradable al final
2 (act, wound) [of insect, nettle] picadura (f); (sharp pain) punzada (f)
a sting of remorse el gusanillo de la conciencia; the sting of the rain in one's face el azote de la lluvia en la cara; I felt the sting of his irony su ironía me hirió en lo vivo
to take the sting out of sth restar fuerza a algo
3 especially (US) (confidence trick) timo (m)
transitive verb
1 [+insect, nettle] picar; (make smart) escocer; picar; arder; especially (LAm) [+hail] azotar
the bee stung him
2 [+conscience] remorder; [+remark, criticism] herir
my conscience stung me me remordió la conciencia; the reply stung him to the quick la respuesta lo hirió en lo vivo; he was clearly stung by this remark era evidente que este comentario hizo mella en él
3 (provoke)
he was stung into action lo provocaron a actuar
they stung me for four pounds me clavaron cuatro libras (informal); how much did they sting you for? ¿cuánto te clavaron? (informal)
intransitive verb
1 [+insect etc] picar
moths don't sting las mariposas no pican
my eyes sting me pican los ojos; that blow really stung ese golpe me dolió de verdad
Verb Conjugations for picar
Gerund: picando
Participle: picado
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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