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stems is the plural form of stem.
1. tallo (m) (of plant); pie (m) (of glass); tubo (m) (of tobacco pipe); raíz (f) (of word)
verbo transitivo (pt & pp stemmed)
2. contener (halt)
intransitive verb
  • to stem from derivarse de
stem [stem]
1 [of plant] tallo (m); [of tree] tronco (m); [of leaf] pedúnculo (m); [of glass] pie (m); [of pipe] tubo (m); cañón (m); (Mec) vástago (m); [of word] tema (m)
2 (Náut) roda (f); tajamar (m)
from stem to stern de proa a popa
intransitive verb
to stem from sth ser el resultado de algo
stem cell (n) célula (f) madre
stem cell research (n) investigación (f) con células madre
stem [stem]
transitive verb
(check, stop) [+blood] restañar; [+attack, flood] detener
to stem the tide of events detener el curso de los acontecimientos
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