intransitive verb
1. (to remain in a fixed position) 
a. quedarse 
Stay where you are and don't move!¡Quédate dónde estás y no te muevas!
2. (to lodge in a place) 
I loved staying at a castle in Scotland.Me encantó hospedarme en un castillo en Escocia.
b. quedarse 
My parents stayed at my place this weekend.Mis padres se quedaron en mi casa este fin de semana.
c. alojarse 
Where is your daughter staying during her trip to Paris?¿Dónde se alojará su hija durante su viaje a París?
copular verb
3. (in specified state) 
a. seguir 
Stay single as long as you can.Sigue soltero todo el tiempo que puedas.
Please, stay quiet until the speech is over.Por favor, permanezcan en silencio hasta que se acabe el discurso.
transitive verb
4. (legal) 
a. aplazar 
The proceedings were stayed.Se aplazó el procedimiento judicial.
5. (short residency) 
Hospital stays: the shorter, the better.Las estancias en hospitales: cuanto más cortas, mejor.
b. la estadía (F) (Latin America) 
We wish you a pleasant stay in our hotel!¡Le deseamos una bonita estadía en nuestro hotel!
6. (architecture) 
The structure was held up by cement stays.La estructura fue sustentada por soportes de cemento.
1. (visit) 
a. la estancia (F) (Mexico) 
b. la estadía (F) (Latin America) 
2. (law) 
a. no direct translation 
stay of executionaplazamiento de sentencia
transitive verb
3. (endure) 
a. no direct translation 
to stay the course or distanceaguantar hasta el final
intransitive verb
4. (not move, remain) 
a. permanecer, quedarse 
stay where you are!¡no te muevas de donde estás!
5. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
to stay putno moverse
to stay stillquedarse quieto(a)
it looks like mobile phones are here to stayparece que los teléfonos móviles no son una moda pasajera
I can't stay longno puedo quedarme mucho tiempo
6. (reside temporarily) 
a. quedarse 
I'm staying at a hotelestoy (alojado) en un hotel
to stay with somebodyestar (alojado) en casa de alguien
7. (live) () 
a. vivir 
stay [steɪ]
intransitive verb
1 (in place) (remain) quedarse; permanecer (formal)
I stayed in Madrid for 2 years
she came for a weekend and stayed three years vino a pasar el fin de semana y se quedó tres años
what? you stayed for the Debussy?
you stay right there no te muevas de ahí; quédate ahí
to be here to stay
to stay at home quedarse en casa
you go ahead, we'll stay [behind] it has clearly come to stay
video recorders are here to stay los vídeos no son una simple moda pasajera
to stay in bed guardar cama
to stay put (on spot) no moverse; (in same house, city, job) quedarse
you stay put, I'll fetch the car he is very happy to stay put in Lyon for the moment I'm staying put until you answer my question the protesters are vowing to stay put until their demands are met we'll stay put in Glasgow until the New Year those kinds of people stay put in one job all their lives Esas personas se quedan en el mismo trabajo durante toda su vida
did you stay till the end of the speeches? ¿te quedaste hasta el final de los discursos?
can you stay to dinner? ¿puedes quedarte a cenar?
(as guest) (with friends, relatives) quedarse; alojarse; (in hotel) alojarse; hospedarse
to stay with friends quedarse or hospedarse or alojarse en casa de unos amigos; I'm staying with my aunt for a few days estoy pasando unos días en casa de mi tía
I shall be staying with some friends
he's staying at my house está or se aloja en mi casa
how long can you stay? where are you going to stay?
where are you staying? ¿dónde te alojas or hospedas?; I'm staying at the Europa Hotel estoy or me alojo or me hospedo en el Hotel Europa; where do you stay when you go to London? ¿dónde te sueles alojar or hospedar cuando vas a Londres?; did he stay the night? ¿se quedó a pasar la noche?; ¿se quedó a dormir?
can they stay the night?
(Scot) (live) vivir
where do you stay? ¿dónde vives?
2 (in current state) seguir; quedarse
it stays motionless for hours se queda or se mantiene inmóvil durante horas; I just hope the public stay loyal to us solo espero que el público siga (siendo) fiel or se mantenga fiel a nosotros; if only we could stay this young for ever ojalá pudiéramos quedarnos así de jóvenes para siempre; she didn't stay a teacher for long no siguió mucho tiempo de profesora; she didn't stay a spinster for long no se quedó soltera mucho tiempo
If I'd known what a business getting married was I'd have stayed a spinster for life she wishes she'd stayed a virgin
to stay ahead of the competition mantenerse a la cabeza de la competencia
New ideas are vital for staying ahead of the competition
to stay awake quedarse despierto
somehow I managed to stay awake they stayed awake all night waiting for the moment when they could ring in their claim I have enormous difficulty staying awake at the wheel somehow I had to stay alive their efforts to stay alive long enough to reveal the truth
the unemployment rate stayed below four per cent el índice de paro continuó or siguió por debajo de un cuatro por ciento
to stay [calm]
I tried to stay calm intenté mantener la calma
he stayed faithful to his wife se mantuvo fiel a su mujer
if it stays fine si continúa el buen tiempo; si el tiempo sigue siendo bueno
to stay [fit] he tried to stay fit while he was in prison
I hope we can stay friends espero que podamos seguir siendo amigos
to stay healthy mantenerse en buen estado de salud
as long as my family stay healthy, I'm happy classes on how to stay healthy do you really want to stay [married] to a woman you can't trust?
things can't be allowed to stay like this no podemos permitir que las cosas sigan así
to stay [open]
pubs should be allowed to stay open until one a.m. debería permitirse que los bares estuvieran abiertos hasta la una de la mañana
my local supermarket closes at 7.30pm except Thursday, Friday and Saturday when it stays open until 8pm
while prices rise, our pensions stay the same aunque los precios suben, nuestras pensiones siguen igual
to stay [silent] they were wrong to stay silent (about it) When he realised she would not stay silent, he murdered her At first the joyful couple decided to stay silent about the fortune he exercised his right to stay silent
to stay together seguir juntos
we stay together for the sake of our children. to stay [still] stay still! I can't pin your dress up if you won't stop dancing around
they are unbeaten and look likely to stay that way nadie los ha vencido y parece que nadie va a hacerlo
stay with it! ¡sigue adelante!; ¡no te desanimes!
last out, persevere to stay to the finish the horse doesn't stay
transitive verb
1 (Jur) (delay) [+execution, proceedings] suspender
They stayed the proceedings and asked the European Court of Justice for a preliminary ruling Mitchell was scheduled to die next Tuesday but on Saturday Judge Patel stayed the execution
2 (last out) [+distance] aguantar; resistir; [+race] terminar
several of the horses simply won't stay the distance
to stay the course terminar la carrera; aguantar hasta el final
to stay the pace aguantar el ritmo
Liverpool have proved they can stay the pace
3 (check) [+epidemic] tener a raya; [+hunger] matar; engañar
to stay one's hand contenerse
I will continue to spare him as long as she likes - I will not, however, stay my hand when it comes to his varmint cousins out in the fields Midland and natwest are also expected to increase mortgage rates. Only Barclays, which increased its mortgage rate last month, is likely to stay its hand it reminds the government that they've got to stay their hand and just suffer through some things that they may not like to stay sb's hand Diplomatic sources in Zagreb said a definitive Western commitment to defend Bihac could stay the hand of Croatia, which is massing tens of thousands of troops to attack the rebel Serbs there
1 (short period) estancia (f); estadía (f); (LAm)
this will involve a short stay in hospital esto supondrá una corta estancia en el hospital; during our stay in London durante nuestra estancia en Londres
we want to make your stay as enjoyable as possible a stay of 10 days
he is in Rome for a short stay está en Roma para una estancia corta; our second stay in Murcia nuestra segunda visita a Murcia
will it be a long stay?
come for a longer stay next year el año que viene vente más tiempo
stay in hospital Neither procedure requires an overnight stay in hospital after a short stay in hospital what should have been a short stay in hospital (ten to 14 days) turned into six weeks
2 (Jur) suspensión (f); prórroga (f)
stay of execution aplazamiento (m) de la sentencia
stay of proceedings to put a stay on proceedings
stay [steɪ]
1 (Mec) sostén (m); soporte (m); puntal (m)
2 (Náut) estay (m)
3 (guy rope) viento (m)
4 stays (corset) corsé (m)
5 sostén (m); apoyo (m)
the stay of one's old age el sostén de su vejez
transitive verb
sostener; apoyar; apuntalar
this will stay you till lunchtime con esto te mantendrás hasta la comida; esto engañará el hambre hasta la comida
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