1. (declaration) 
He gave a statement expressing his support to the people.Hizo una declaración expresando su apoyo a la gente.
2. (legal) 
The defendant made his statement to the police.El acusado prestó su declaración ante la policía.
3. (finance) 
I get my bank statement via email.Recibo mi estado de cuenta por correo electrónico.
This is your monthly statement.Este es el extracto mensual de su cuenta.
4. (grammar) 
The sentence "He lives in Iceland" is a statement.La oración "Él vive en Islandia" es una afirmación.
5. (computing) 
Statements tell the computer how to perform an action.Las instrucciones le dicen a la computadora cómo ejecutar una acción.
1. (of opinion) 
a. la declaración (F) 
2. (from bank) 
a. el extracto (bancario) (M) 
a statement of the factsuna exposición de los hechos
to make a statementhacer una declaración
3. (fig) 
a. no direct translation (lifestyle, behavior) 
statement [ˈsteɪtmənt]
1 (declaration) also (Jur) declaración (f)
a written statement of terms and conditions una declaración escrita de los términos y las condiciones
the company has breached its own statement of principles the party's new statement of aims and values 'we're sorry that we cannot answer your call right now' is either a lie or a statement of the obvious several ministers favour the idea of a pre-election statement of policy The speech was billed as a major statement of Mr Bush's economic philosophy Where there can be no statement of intention (as with infants), the basis of decision would be the balance of burdens and benefits to the patient of a certain course of treatment a [policy] statement when he unveiled his party's key policy statement he may be forced to make a public statement he will make a final personal statement to the Commons today the managing director indicated that a statement would be made on Monday she issued a short statement on arriving back in England the statement by the military denied any involvement in last night's attack he was unable to make a statement of support for his Prime Minister
to make a statement (Jur) prestar declaración
he [made] a statement through his solicitor
he made a statement to the press hizo una declaración a la prensa
in an official statement, the government said ... en un comunicado oficial, el gobierno dijo ...
his voice quivered as /he read from a [prepared] statement/ She waited 25 days before making an official statement to police claiming she had been raped In his statement the accused claimed that he had been provoked
to issue a press statement emitir un comunicado de prensa
a signed and sworn statement una declaración firmada bajo juramento
2 (exposition) [of views, facts, problem, theory] exposición (f)
a statement of fact una exposición de los hechos; he gave a detailed statement of his party's position hizo una exposición detallada de la postura de su partido
This isn't a list of complaints, merely a statement of fact If I'm not elected to be leader of the party, I shall consider whether I stand for the shadow cabinet. It's neither a rejection nor a judgement - simply a statement of fact Where there can be no statement of intention (as with infants), the basis of decision would be the balance of burdens and benefits to the patient of a certain course of treatment the party's new statement of aims and values Although these words are spoken by a character in a novel, they read as if they are pretty close to a statement of Ford's views
3 (critique) alegato (m); proclama (f)
the film is a powerful anti-war statement la película es un poderoso alegato contra la guerra
His sculpture can be seen as a positive statement of general relevance to modern society the sculpture can be seen as a statement about contemporary values to make a statement about sth
the paintings are intended to make a statement about contemporary society lo que se pretende con los cuadros es expresar una opinión acerca de la sociedad contemporánea
4 (Economics) (also statement of account) estado (m) de cuenta;(also bank statement) extracto (m) de cuenta
According to the financial statement being studied by Wigan's accountants, only 38,627 fans paid to watch the world challenge match I received a statement from the VAT people saying that my account was in the clear It was a shock when she received a statement saying: `Balance nil, account closed My bank sends me a statement every month
5 (Ling) afirmación (f)
I found that statement vague and unclear I could not deny the truth of this statement "Not!" used as the punchline to any ridiculous yet sincere-sounding statement. For example: Claudia Schiffer is so heavenly she should enter a convent - Not!
6 (Comput) instrucción (f); sentencia (f)
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