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1. (Sport)
  • starting block tacos mpl or puesto (m) de salida
  • starting line (Sport) línea (f) de salida
  • starting pistol (Sport) pistola (f) para dar la salida (gun)
  • starting point or place punto (m) de partida
  • starting price precio (m) de las apuestas a la salida (in betting)
  • starting salary salario (m) or sueldo (m) inicial
starting [ˈstɑːtɪŋ]
starting block (n) (Athletics) taco (m) de salida
to be on the starting blocks
starting gate (n) (US) (Horse Racing) cajón (m) de salida; parrilla (f) de salida
starting grid (n) (Motor Racing) parrilla (f) de arranque
starting handle (n) (Britain) (Aut) manivela (f) de arranque
starting line (n) (Athletics) línea (f) de salida
starting point (n) punto (m) de partida
starting post (n) (Dep) poste (m) de salida
starting price (n) (St Ex) cotización (f)
starting salary (n) sueldo (m) inicial
starting stalls (n) (Britain) (Horse Racing) cajones (m) de salida
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