1. (botany) 
a. el tallo (M) 
Each stalk in a wheat plant ends in a spike.En la planta de trigo, cada tallo remata en una espiga.
b. el troncho (M) (leafy vegetables) 
Cut off the lettuce stalks before adding it to the salad.Corta los tronchos de la lechuga antes de añadirla a la ensalada.
The stalk of this particular flower has thorns on it.El pedúnculo de esta flor particular tiene espinas.
2. (automobile) (United Kingdom) 
She pulled the stalk to switch on the headlights.Tiró de la palanca para encender los faros.
transitive verb
3. (to pursue obsessively) 
a. acosar 
I had to change my phone number because that guy was stalking me.Tuve que cambiar mi número de teléfono porque el tipo ése me estaba acosando.
4. (to hunt) 
a. acechar 
The cat stalked the pigeon to get closer to its prey before pouncing.El gato acechaba la paloma para acercarse a su presa antes de abalanzarse.
intransitive verb
5. (to leave upset; used with "off") 
I don't know what I said, but he just stalked off all of a sudden.No sé qué dije, pero se fue ofendido de repente.
1. (of plant, flower) 
a. el tallo (M) 
2. (of fruit) 
a. el rabo (M) 
stalk [stɔːk]
1 (Bot) tallo (m); caña (f); (cabbage stalk) troncho (m)
2 [of glass] pie (m)
3 (Aut) (control stalk) palanca (f)
stalk [stɔːk]
transitive verb
[+animal] [+hunter] cazar al acecho; [+animal] acechar; [+person] seguir los pasos de
before she was murdered, she had complained to police about someone stalking her being stalked by odd fans is one of the hazards of fame
intransitive verb
to stalk away or off irse con paso airado; she stalked out of the room salió airada del cuarto
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