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In Spanish, you can use either "la escalera" or "las escaleras" to refer to the "stairs."
1. (single step) 
a. el escalón m, peldaño (M) 
stair(s)escalera(s) fpl
stair [stɛəʳ]
1 (single step) escalón (m); peldaño (m); (stairway) escalera (f)
2 stairs escalera (f)
a flight of stairs un tramo de escalera; life below stairs la vida de los criados; gossip below stairs habladurías (f) de la servidumbre
stair carpet (n) alfombra (f) de escalera
stair lift (n) (plataforma (f)) salvaescaleras (m); elevador (m) de escaleras
He walks with the aid of a walking stick and has to use a stair-lift What if the parent needs to move to a bungalow or cannot get a grant for a stair lift? If climbing stairs is a problem, let a stairlift take the strain. Easily controlled by buttons or a joystick on the arm, it glides up and down a rail - fixed securely to the floor or stair surface - and stops automatically at the top. When not in use it folds up out of the way
stair rod (n) varilla (f) (para sujetar la alfombra de la escalera)
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