1. (general) 
a. el apretón m, apretujón (M) 
to give somebody a squeezedar un achuchón a alguien
a squeeze of lemonun chorrito de limón
2. (colloquial) 
we all got in but it was a tight squeezecupimos todos, pero tuvimos que apretujarnos bastante
3. (colloquial) 
to put the squeeze on somebodyapretarle las tuercas a alguien
transitive verb
4. (in general) 
a. apretar 
5. (sponge) 
a. estrujar 
6. (lemon) 
a. exprimir 
to squeeze somebody's handdar a alguien un apretón de manos
to squeeze something into a boxmeter algo en una caja apretando
I think we can just squeeze you increo que te podemos hacer un hueco
7. (fig) 
a. presionar (put pressure on) 
intransitive verb
8. (general) 
to squeeze into a placemeterse a duras penas en un sitio
squeeze up a bit!¡apretaos or correos un poco más!
squeeze [skwiːz]
1 (act of squeezing) (handclasp) apretón (m); (hug) estrujón (m)
to [give] sb a squeeze
he put his arm round her and gave her a quick squeeze le pasó el brazo por encima y le dio un estrujoncito (informal) or un apretón
Ella slipped her arm around Autumn's waist and gave a light squeeze
to give sth a squeeze apretar algo
hold the tube in place and give it a firm squeeze
to give sb's hand a squeeze dar a algn un apretón de manos; apretar la mano a algn
2 (crush)
it was a tight squeeze in the bus íbamos muy apretados en el autobús; it was a tight squeeze to get through había muy poco espacio para pasar
We all got in the lift but it was a bit of a squeeze
3 (restriction) restricciones (f)
the CBI says the squeeze is slowing down inflation the shock felt by banks rebounds in a squeeze on their customers Business is going to scream because there's been a credit squeeze and they can't borrow as much as before we can expect that the squeeze now faced by companies will hit households, either through their wage packets, or through redundancy
small businesses are feeling the squeeze las restricciones están afectando sobre todo a la pequeña empresa; a squeeze on profits un recorte de beneficios
Higher pay and higher costs led inevitably to a squeeze on profits and investment, and that meant higher unemployment
to put the squeeze on sb apretar las tuercas or los tornillos a algn (informal)
Shipments will now go to shops directly. Some say such a manoeuvre will put the squeeze on domestic suppliers who will be left with surpluses that have to be offloaded Maybe we should play hard to get, put the squeeze on him a little the American is ready to put the squeeze on his Ryder Cup rival Courts put squeeze on red light car wash pests
4 (small amount) [of liquid] chorrito (m); [of toothpaste] poquito (m); pizca (f)
Transfer to a plate and add a good squeeze of lime juice
a squeeze of lemon (juice) un chorrito de zumo de limón; unas gotas de limón
Add a squeeze of lemon just before serving
5 (difficult situation) aprieto (m)
if the talks don't go well he could find himself in a squeeze
to be in a (tight) squeeze encontrarse en un aprieto
6 (Britain) (boyfriend, girlfriend) novieteanovieta (informal) (m) (f);a novieta novioanovia (m) (f);a novia
This has upset her former squeeze, Scissors Smedley His new squeeze, Kathy Kovin, is 30 years his junior
transitive verb
1 (press firmly) [+pimple, tube, trigger] apretar; [+citrus fruit] exprimir
I squeezed her tightly la estreché entre mis brazos
squeeze the oranges and put the juice in a pan The children were squeezing the [packets] to find out what was inside Squeeze and rinse the aubergine She squeezed the clay between her hands to see how soft it was ; this may cause them to spread
to squeeze one's eyes shut cerrar los ojos apretándolos
Alex squeezed her eyes tight shut The light was too bright, and I squeezed my eyes quickly shut Momentarily contract every muscle in your face, squeeze your eyes and mouth tightly shut He needed to get out. He squeezed his eyes shut. He did not want to look at the place Hart squeezed his eyes tight shut, but the tears fell anyway
to squeeze sb's hand apretar la mano a algn
I squeezed [out] the clothes I was washing to squeeze sb against o.s. He wrapped his arm around her neck and squeezed her against him
2 (cram, fit) meter
to squeeze clothes into a suitcase meter ropa en una maleta a la fuerza; can you squeeze two more in? ¿puedes hacer hueco para dos más?; ¿puedes meter a dos más?; I could squeeze you in on Thursday le podría hacer un hueco para el jueves
The bed was squeezed, with difficulty, into the minute little room He managed to squeeze the cases into the luggage lockers she squeezed her car into the empty parking space It would be impossible to squeeze a piano through that narrow doorway Ryle had trouble in finding a space, but finally managed to squeeze his car between a large truck and a taxi
she squeezed herself into the dress se enfundó el vestido
He squeezed himself into a seat they squeezed themselves into one room They had been forced to squeeze themselves into one tiny room
I squeezed my way through the crowd me abrí camino entre la multitud
she had to squeeze her way through the crowd The coach squeezed its way through the traffic
3 (extract) sacar
drain the spinach and squeeze out the excess liquid to squeeze sth [from]/[out of] sth I squeezed the toothpaste out of the tube squeeze the juice from the lime he squeezed the water out of the flannel His tight grip almost squeezed the air from my lungs the opposition's hopes of squeezing the Socialists out of power He stressed his commitment to squeezing [inflation] out of the British economy for good
to squeeze money/a confession/information out of sb sacar dinero/una confesión/información a algn
to squeeze information out of sb Kravis was determined to squeeze the last penny out of him The reforms may be the best way of squeezing more cash out of the Treasury The contractors are gambling on squeezing more money from the company The current tension over interest rates may allow the banks to squeeze concessions out of the government They're both trying to squeeze a profit from this deal we'll soon squeeze the truth out of him
rich city dwellers are squeezing the locals out la gente acomodada de la ciudad está echando poco a poco a la población local; freshly squeezed orange juice zumo (m) de naranjas recién exprimidas
4 (reduce) recortar
wage increases are squeezing profit margins los aumentos salariales están recortando los márgenes de beneficios
Basic student aid programs are being squeezed The Government has squeezed public spending
intransitive verb
they all squeezed into the car se metieron todos apretujados en el coche
he squeezed into the jeans
could I just squeeze past? ¿me deja pasar?; he squeezed past me me pasó rozando; to squeeze through a hole pasar por un agujero con dificultad
he squeezed through the crowd She squeezed through the window to squeeze under sth We squeezed under the wire and into the garden
squeeze box (n) concertina (f)
They had a violin they called a fiddle, a semblance of an acoustic guitar, a tub bass,a washboard, and a squeeze box, and they were terrible
Verb Conjugations for apretar
Gerund: apretando
Participle: apretado
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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