1. (season) 
I love to watch how the robins play in the puddles in spring.Me encanta ver cómo los petirrojos juegan en los charcos en la primavera.
2. (water source) 
They walked down to the spring to take a dip.Fueron caminando hasta el manantial para echarse un chapuzón.
b. la fuente (F) 
The water from that spring is full of minerals.El agua de esa fuente está llena de minerales.
3. (coil of metal) 
a. el muelle (M) 
I can feel every spring in this mattress when I sleep.Puedo sentir cada uno de los muelles de este colchón cuando duermo.
I need a spring replaced in my watch.Necesito reemplazar uno de los resortes de mi reloj.
4. (leap) 
a. el salto (M) 
With a single spring, the cat went from the floor to the counter.Con un solo salto, el gato fue desde el piso hasta la encimera.
b. el brinco (M) 
She gave a spring and landed on the other side of the fence.Ella dio un brinco y calló del otro lado de la cerca.
5. (elasticity) 
My hairband has lost its spring.Mi cinta para el cabello ya no tiene elasticidad.
intransitive verb
6. (to jump) 
a. brincar 
All of a sudden the grasshopper sprang from the leaf to my hand.De repente el saltamontes brincó de la hoja a mi mano.
b. saltar 
The rabbit sprang from the hill to its burrow.El conejo saltó de la colina hasta su madriguera.
7. (to come into being) 
a. brotar 
The business idea sprang from a conversation he had had with his brother.La idea para el negocio brotó de una conversación que había tenido con su hermano.
transitive verb
8. (to reveal suddenly) 
a. soltar 
You can't just spring this conversation on me when I'm about to leave.No puedes soltarme esta conversación justo cuando me voy a ir.
1. (of water) 
a. el manantial (M) 
2. (season) 
a. la primavera (F) 
in (the) springen primavera
spring onioncebolleta cebolla f de verdeo
spring rollrollo or rollito de primavera
spring tidemarea viva
3. (leap) 
a. el brinco m, salto (M) 
4. (elasticity) 
a. la elasticidad (F) 
he walked with a spring in his stepcaminaba con paso alegre
5. (device; in watch) 
a. el resorte (M) 
6. (in car) 
a. la ballesta (F) 
7. (in mattress) 
a. el muelle (M) 
transitive verb
8. (reveal unexpectedly) 
to spring something on somebodysoltarle algo a alguien
9. (develop) 
to spring a leakempezar a tener una fuga
10. (colloquial) 
to spring somebody out of jailayudar a alguien a escapar de la cárcel
intransitive verb
11. (jump) 
a. brincar, saltar 
to spring to one's feetlevantarse de un brinco
to spring into actionentrar en acción
to spring to somebody's defenselanzarse a la defensa de alguien
the lid sprang openla tapa se abrió de pronto
to spring to mindvenir(se) a la cabeza
12. (originate, come into being) 
to spring fromprovenir de, proceder de
to spring into existenceaparecer de pronto
13. (colloquial) 
where did you spring from?¿de dónde has salido?
spring [sprɪŋ] sprang (past)sprung (participle:past)
1 (also Spring) (season) primavera (f)
in spring en primavera; in early/late spring a principios/a finales de la primavera; I like to go walking in (the) spring me gusta salir a pasear en primavera; in the spring of 1956 en la primavera de 1956; one spring morning una mañana de primavera; spring is in the air se siente la llegada de la primavera
2 (in watch) muelle (m); resorte (m); (in mattress, sofa) muelle (m);springs (Aut) ballestas (f)
One day they would get a real sofa, with springs
3 [of water] fuente (f); manantial (m)
a mountain spring un manantial; hot springs fuentes (f) termales
4 (leap) salto (m); brinco (m)
in one spring de un salto or brinco
the cat made a sudden spring at the mouse
to walk with a spring in one's step caminar con brío
5 (elasticity) elasticidad (f)
there's no spring in this mattress
6 (usu pl) (origin, source) origen (m)
the book provides a fresh insight into the springs of his genius this industrial culture had devitalized us, dried up the spontaneous springs of our emotions it does rather dry up the springs of human sympathy the deeper you delve in the hidden springs of his affairs, the more unforgivable does he appear
transitive verb
1 (present suddenly)
to spring sth on sb soltar algo a algn (de buenas a primeras) (informal); the redundancies were sprung on the staff without warning soltaron la noticia de los despidos a la plantilla sin previo aviso; to spring a surprise on sb dar una sorpresa a algn
they sprung the news on us at short notice She couldn't understand why this should be sprung on her at short notice Mclaren sprang a new idea on him
to spring a leak [+boat] empezar a hacer agua
the boat had sprung a leak
the fuel tank sprang a leak el depósito del combustible empezó a perder
The hydraulic steering on the boat had sprung a leak her car sprang a leak in a hosepipe Had Houston changed his mind? Was he about to spring a [trap]?
2 (release) [+trap] hacer saltar; [+lock] soltar
The Marshal raised his arm, sprung the first bullet and fired
to spring sb from jail ayudar a algn a fugarse de la cárcel
Eighteen months later Blake was sprung from prison. In February the police had a tip that the IRA wanted to spring two of its men from Brixton jail The prisoner was sprung before anybody had time to react
3 (leap over) saltar; saltar por encima de
intransitive verb
1 (leap) saltar
the panther crouched, ready to spring
to spring aside hacerse rápidamente a un lado
to spring at sb abalanzarse sobre algn
the cat sprang at my face el gato se me tiró or se me abalanzó a la cara
to spring back [+person, animal] saltar para atrás
the branch sprang back la rama volvió hacia atrás como un látigo
the cake should spring back when pressed The wild cat sprang back in alarm and hissed
where did you spring from? ¿de dónde diablos has salido? (informal)
to spring into action entrar en acción
the rescue team sprang into action the body's immune system springs into action
to spring into the air dar un salto en el aire
to spring [to] [into] life
the engine finally sprang into life por fin el motor arrancó
At last factories sprang to life again.
the cat sprang onto the roof el gato dio un salto y se puso en el tejado
to spring open abrirse de golpe
the door sprang open With a loud click the trap sprang shut
her name sprang out at me from the page al mirar la página su nombre me saltó a la vista
a traffic policeman would invariably spring out at him and hand him a speeding ticket
to spring out of bed saltar de la cama
Sam and Pete sprang out of the car
she sprang over the fence saltó por encima de la valla
to spring shut cerrarse de golpe
the door sprang open With a loud click the trap sprang shut
to spring to sb's aid or help correr a ayudar a algn
to spring to attention ponerse en posición de firme
Outside each door a guard sprang to attention as they approached
to spring to one's feet levantarse de un salto
She sprang to her feet and faced him to spring [back] to life cartoon characters who spring back to life after being obliterated by a grand piano One happy day, after much futile tinkering, his radio suddenly sprang back into life
a number of examples spring to mind se me vienen a la mente or se me ocurren varios ejemplos
2 (originate) [+stream] brotar; nacer; [+river] nacer; [+buds, shoots] brotar
to spring from sth: the idea sprang from a TV programme he saw la idea surgió de un programa de televisión que vio
his anger sprang from his suffering la furia le venía del sufrimiento
Senator Kerrey advocates a tax break for the middle class # Some critics say that idea springs from public opinion polls, not from economic projections philosophy and literature express the impasse from which ideas spring Ethiopia's art springs from her early Christian as well as her Muslim heritage Michelin's maps and guides sprang out of the tyre business myths do not spring out of nothing
3 (be born) [+person] nacer
a man sprung from the people Heath-Morecomb's female ancestors had not sprung from British soil Alexander mcclintock, sprung from rude Scottish forebears Those who have sprung from the true blood are granted the knowledge that we others can only glimpse at
to spring into existence surgir de la noche a la mañana; aparecer repentinamente
new political parties that have sprung into existence Within a generation a vast new vested interest had sprung into existence in the island dedicated to the sanctity of private wealth
[+flowers, rain, sunshine, weather] primaveral; de primavera
spring balance (n) peso (m) de muelle
spring binder (n) (file) carpeta (f) de muelles
spring bolt (n) pestillo (m) de golpe
spring break (n) (US) (Educ) vacaciones (f) de Semana Santa
spring chicken (n) polluelo (m)
she's no spring chicken no es ninguna niña
Henry is no spring chicken - he'll be 84 next week
spring fever (n) fiebre (f) primaveral
spring greens (n) (Britain) verduras (f) de primavera
spring gun (n) trampa (f) de alambre y escopeta
spring lock (n) candado (m)
spring mattress (n) colchón (m) de muelles; somier (m)
spring onion (n) cebolleta (f); cebollino (m)
spring roll (n) rollito (m) de primavera
spring tide (n) marea (f) viva
spring water (n) agua (f) de manantial
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