1. (of wings, sails) 
a. la envergadura (F) 
2. (of doctrine) 
a. la difusión (F) 
3. (of disease) 
a. la propagación (F) 
4. (colloquial) 
a. la banquete m, comilona (F) (big meal) 
5. (in newspaper) 
a full-page spreaduna plana entera
a two-page spreaduna página doble
6. (paste) 
cheese spreadqueso para untar
chocolate spreadcrema de cacao
transitive verb
7. (extend) 
to spread one's arms/legsextender los brazos/las piernas
8. (fig) 
to spread one's wingsemprender el vuelo
9. (distribute; sand, straw) 
a. extender, esparcir 
10. (terror) 
a. sembrar 
11. (disease) 
a. propagar 
12. (news, lies) 
a. difundir 
to spread work/payments over several monthsdistribuir el trabajo/los pagos a lo largo de varios meses
13. (apply; butter, ointment) 
a. untar 
to spread a surface with somethinguntar algo en una superficie
intransitive verb
14. (forest) 
a. extenderse 
15. (news) 
a. difundirse 
16. (disease) 
a. propagarse 
spread [spred] spread (past)
1 (propagation) [of infection, disease, fire] propagación (f); [of idea, information] difusión (f); divulgación (f); [of crime] aumento (m); proliferación (f); [of education] extensión (f); generalización (f); [of nuclear weapons] proliferación (f)
the spread of education the spread of nuclear weapons attempts to stop the spread of the fire were hampered by strong winds Many people died as a result of \the spread of fire\ the spread of the Christian religions throughout the world
2 (extent) (gen) extensión (f); [of wings, sails] envergadura (f)
of hips, waist what is quite amazing is the geographical spread of the minerals all over Tibet Labour can not abide the popularity of shareholdings and such a wide spread of wealth
middle-age spread gordura (f) de la mediana edad
3 (range)
there is a broad spread of interest and opinion represented on the committee hay una gran diversidad de intereses y opiniones representados en el comité
\the spread of abilities\ is represented in the school the spread between the conditions of rich and poor the link between IT and IQ seems to hold true for a diversity of groups with a wide spread of intelligence
4 (meal) comilona (informal) (f); banquetazo (informal) (m)
they laid on a huge spread ofrecieron una espléndida comilona or un banquetazo espléndido (informal)
it wasn't much of a spread
5 (cover) (for bed) cubrecama (m); sobrecama (m) (f)
Cover the bedsheets with a waterproof spread He jerked the spread off the bed by one corner
6 (Cookery) (for bread) pasta (f) para untar
she keeps the spreads in the fridge so they won't go off chick peas are often used in spreads and patés like the Greek hummus
cheese spread queso (m) para untar
7 (Press) (Tip)
a full-page spread una plana entera; a two-page or double-page spread una página doble; una doble plana
one newspaper devoted a two-page spread to coal's place in English literature
8 (Economics) diferencial (m)
the spread between the offer and the bid price of shares the banker pays the depositor less interest that he receives from the borrower.The difference between the two interest rates, known as the spread, pays the wages, provides the reserves, and makes the profit Standard practice in the market has been for banks to deal in parcels of pounds 10m on a five-point spread. For instance a bank would quote a spread of dollars 1.9700 to dollars 1.9705
9 (US) (ranch) finca (f); hacienda (f); (LAm) estancia (f); (Arg) (Uru) fundo (m); (Chile)
We were on our way to visit his spread in Kansas. a spread is a particular arrangement of tarot cards as laid by the tarot reader
transitive verb
1 (also spread out) (lay or open out) [+tablecloth, blanket] extender; tender; [+map] extender; desplegar; [+arms, fingers, legs] extender; [+banner, sails, wings] desplegar; [+net] tender
she lay spread out on the floor estaba tendida en el suelo; the peacock spread its tail el pavo real hizo la rueda
she spread a towel on the sand he spread the map on the table Their clothing was spread across the bushes to dry Jack lay with his arms spread Keep your arms straight and your hands resting by your sides, and spread your fingers She spread her arms wide like a bird spreading her wings Lean back and spread your legs a little bit
he spread his hands in a gesture of resignation/helplessness extendió los brazos en ademán de resignación/impotencia; I like to be able to spread myself me gusta tener mucho espacio
I can really spread [myself] in this flat
to spread one's wings desplegar las alas
Suddenly the eagle spread its magnificent wings and flapped away I've always had a very strong creative side and in advertising I was able to really flourish and spread my wings
2 (scatter) esparcir; desparramar
her clothes were spread all over the floor su ropa estaba esparcida or desparramada por todo el suelo
he opened the envelope and spread the contents on the table spread over the bed were open suitcases with clothes scattered about she trod with care, so as not to spread the dirt
3 (apply) [+butter] untar
to spread butter on one's bread untar mantequilla en el pan; untar el pan con mantequilla
to spread cream on one's face untarse or ponerse crema en la cara
Spread the mixture in the cake tin and bake for 30 minutes Liz was spreading marmalade on a piece of toast Squeeze out some of the lotion, and then spread it on your forearms A thick layer of wax was spread over the surface She spread treacle over the door handles as a joke
4 (cover)
tables spread with food mesas llenas or repletas de comida
she spread her bread with honey puso miel en el pan; untó el pan con miel; the floors are spread with sand los suelos están cubiertos de arena
5 (distribute) distribuir
you are advised to spread the workload le aconsejamos que se distribuya el trabajo
repayments will be spread over 18 months los pagos se efectuarán a lo largo de 18 meses
the police were spread (out) along the route the course is spread over a 6 month period the cost will be spread over a number of years It seems to make little difference whether you eat all your calorie allowance in one go, or spread it over the day The challenge to the government is to spread the wealth it creates more widely Alopecia areata usually starts with a tiny bald patch. Sometimes it becomes diffuse alopecia, spread over the entire scalp A breakthrough necessitated a heavy concentration of the guns at the point of the main thrust. They were instead spread over the entire front How could it have been otherwise, with Spanish manpower so thinly spread over so vast an area?
don't spread yourself too thin no intentes abarcar más de la cuenta
6 (disseminate) [+news, information] divulgar; difundir; [+rumour] hacer correr; difundir; [+disease] propagar; [+panic, fear] sembrar
he loves spreading gossip le encanta difundir or divulgar cotilleos
that IBM faced bankruptcy She said journalists were too ready \to spread alarm\ by false reporting and innuendo He was fed-up with the lies being spread about him. The miners are accused of spreading disease amongst the Indian tribes experiments to establish the role played by mosquitoes in spreading yellow fever Aids can be spread by sex between men and women to spread news about
intransitive verb
1 (extend, advance) [+fire] propagarse; extenderse; [+stain] extenderse; [+disease] propagarse; [+panic, fear] cundir; [+information, news, ideas] difundirse
general alarm spread through the population cundió la alarma por toda la población; the cancer had spread to his lungs el cáncer se había extendido a los pulmones; the troops spread south las tropas se desplegaron hacia el sur
they tried to stop the fire from spreading people fear the fighting may spread those troops had seen the Imperial Guard running away, and the panic had spread, and so a whole army now ran for safety alarm spread throughout the government about the gravity of Pedro's accusations The heterosexual community's panic about AIDS is rapidly spreading the fear of war is spreading to Serbia the sense of fear spreading in residential neighborhoods the pain was spreading and intensifying the stain spread across the carpet the disease spread Fire spread rapidly after a chemical truck exploded A new report says AIDS is spreading rapidly in Asia There's no question why the slums have been spreading the first rays of light spread over the horizon to spread to sth to spread into sth
a smile spread over or across his face sonrió de oreja a oreja
A slow smile spread across Weatherby's face A thin-lipped smile spread over the captain's face A huge grin spread across his cherubic features A look of sublime rapture spread across her face news of the crash spread quickly There's also been speculation that their ideas could spread throughout the party trade unionism and socialist ideas were spreading beyond a few artisanal and industrial groups
to spread like wildfire
the rumours spread like wildfire los rumores corrieron como la pólvora
With so many children around, infectious diseases could spread like wildfire
2 (stretch) (in space) extenderse
the city spreads several miles to the north la ciudad se extiende varias millas hacia el norte; a process spreading over several months un proceso que abarca varios meses
A massive fraud had been going on, spreading over several years experience spreading over 20 years
3 [+butter] untarse
margarine spreads better than butter
spread betting (n) apuesta (f) múltiple; modalidad de apuesta en la que se juega sobre una variedad de resultados en lugar de uno en concreto
In spread betting, the bookmakers would offer a spread on a football match of a goals total of 2-4. You could either buy the bet at four or sell at two, staking 50 pounds a goal. If you had bought at four and this hypothetical match finished Sheffield Wednesday 4 Arsenal 2, you would make 100 pounds
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Participle: untado
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