intransitive verb
1. (to rotate) 
a. girar 
The wheels started to spin as soon as he put his foot on the accelerator.Las ruedas empezaron a girar en cuanto pisó el acelerador.
2. (to remove excess water) 
The washing machine is leaking water when it spins.La lavadora pierde agua cuando centrifuga.
3. (to weave) 
a. hilar 
The local women make money from spinning and weaving.Las mujeres del lugar ganan dinero hilando y tejiendo.
transitive verb
4. (to rotate) 
a. girar 
In the TV program "Wheel of fortune", the contestants have to spin the wheel, avoiding the "bankrupt" and the "lose a turn" spaces.En el programa de televisión "La ruleta de la fortuna", los concursantes tienen que girar la rueda, evitando las casillas de "quiebra" y "pierde turno".
5. (to remove excess water from) 
The washing machine is not spinning the clothes properly.La lavadora no centrifuga bien la ropa.
6. (to make) 
a. hilar (wool) 
I spin wool from our own sheep.Hilo lana de nuestras propias ovejas.
b. tejer (a web) 
The spider spins a web in which to catch its prey.La araña teje una telaraña para atrapar a su presa.
7. (sports) 
a. dar efecto a (a ball) 
He's very skilled at spinning the ball.Es muy hábil dando efecto a la bola.
8. (to tell) 
a. contar 
She certainly knew how to spin a yarn.Desde luego sabía cómo contar un buen cuento.
9. (rotating movement) 
What's the direction of the Earth's spin?¿Cuál es sentido de la rotación de la Tierra?
b. el giro (M) 
The acrobat did some incredible jumps and spins.El acróbata hizo algunos saltos y giros increíbles.
c. no direct translation 
Give the wheel a spin and see what number it lands on.Haz girar la rueda a ver en qué número se detiene.
The boys were giving their tops a spin.Los niños hacían girar sus peonzas.
10. (washing machine cycle) 
The washing machine is on its final spin.La lavadora está en el último centrifugado.
11. (loss of control) 
a. la barrena (F) (of an aircraft) 
The pilot lost control and went into a spin.El piloto perdió el control y entró en barrena.
b. el trompo (M) (of a car) 
The Formula One driver did a spectacular spin when he went off the track.El piloto de Fórmula 1 realizó un trompo espectacular al salirse de la pista.
12. (colloquial) (ride) 
a. la vuelta (F) 
We went for a spin in the new car.Fuimos a dar una vuelta en el coche nuevo.
13. (sports) 
a. el efecto (M) (on a ball) 
The team won the match because the pitcher put spin on the ball to trick the hitter.El equipo ganó el partido porque el pícher lanzó la bola con efecto para engañar al bateador.
14. (interpretation) 
a. el sesgo (M) 
The government is trying to put a positive spin on a bad situation.El gobierno intenta darle un sesgo positivo a una mala situación.
1. (turning movement) 
a. el giro (M) 
2. (on news story) 
a. el sesgo (M) 
to go into a spindar vueltas
to go for a spinir a dar una vuelta
to put spin on a balldar efecto a una pelota
spin doctorasesor(ora) político(a)
transitive verb
3. (wool, cotton) 
a. hilar 
to spin a coinechar a cara o cruz or
4. (spin-dry) 
a. centrifugar 
intransitive verb
5. (wheel, spinning top, dancer) 
a. dar vueltas, girar 
my head's spinningme da vueltas la cabeza
the room's spinningtodo me da vueltas
spin [spɪn] spun (past)
1 (rotating motion) vuelta (f); revolución (f)
the rapid spin of the wheel
to give a wheel a spin hacer girar una rueda
the croupier gave the roulette wheel a spin he gave the globe a spin to give a spin when a skater undertakes a spin, they turn very rapidly while staying in the same spot
to be in a (flat) spin (Britain) [+person] andar muy confundido
the news sent the stock market into a flat spin la noticia creó un estado de gran confusión en la bolsa
the recession has sent the luxury cars market into a flat spin Poor Jane was in rather a spin about the party Margery was thrown into a flat spin by this unexpected visit. I'm going; I'm going. There's no need to go into a flat spin. It was a perfectly reasonable request to make A humiliating vote in the New Hampshire primaries hit Wall Street and pushed the London market into a flat spin shares were in a flat spin yesterday following lousy trade figures
2 (in washing machine)
give the towels another spin vuelve a centrifugar las toallas (en la lavadora); long/short spin centrifugado (m) largo/corto
set on a cool wash and finish with a short spin
3 (Dep) (on ball) efecto (m)
to put (a) spin on a ball dar efecto a una pelota
more recently spin has come to mean twist, as when a pitcher puts a spin on a baseball
4 (loss of control) (Aer) barrena (f); (Aut) trompo (m)
to go into a spin (Aer) entrar en barrena; (Aut) hacer un trompo
the car went into a spin because of ice on the road
to pull or come out of a spin (Aer) salir de barrena
Suddenly /the Auster came out of the spin/ and dived vertically into cloud /the pilot was unable to pull out of the spin/ and the plane came down in the sea
5 (Britain) (short ride) vuelta (f); paseo (m); garbeo (m) (informal); (Esp)
care for a spin? We took an hour's spin around the city
to go for a spin dar una vuelta or un paseo (en coche/moto etc); darse un garbeo (en coche/moto etc) (informal); (Esp)
to [take] sb for a spin
6 (interpretation) interpretación (f)
to put a positive spin on sth interpretar positivamente algo; dar un sesgo positivo a algo
to put a new/different/etc spin on sth He interpreted the vote as support, and that is the spin his followers are putting on results today the wholly improper political spin given to the report he didn't try to deny it. He just tried to give it a different spin by saying, `Yeah, we're still leaders, sort of, anyway' she went to talk to local reporters and give her spin of what a solution might be
transitive verb
1 (rotate) (gen) hacer girar; [+top] hacer bailar
just spin the washing and its nearly dry You can tell if an egg is cooked or not simply by spinning it on a flat surface and watching how it moves They used thrusters on the satellite to spin it faster and stop the wobble
to spin a coin hacer girar una moneda; (to decide sth) echar una moneda a cara o cruz
he spun a coin with Lieutenant Pickersgill to decide who would command the armed guard
2 (spin-dry) [+clothes] centrifugar
3 (turn suddenly) girar
he spun the steering wheel sharply to the right giró el volante bruscamente hacia la derecha
spin the wheel to the left
to spin sth/sb round dar la vuelta a algo/algn
he spun his chair round to face me I grabbed his shoulder and spun him around he spun the car round and went after them to spin one's [head] around round Whenever she walked into a room, men stopped their conversations and spun their heads around
4 (Dep) [+ball] dar efecto a
to [spin] a ball slow bowlers who neglect to spin the ball He did not spin the ball sufficiently to trouble first-class batsmen
5 [+thread] hilar; [+web] tejer; [+cocoon] devanar; hacer
Maria spins yarn from unwashed fleece to spin a [web] spiders can take hours to spin their webs
to spin a web of lies hilar una sarta de mentiras
He spun a web of lies to live a double life with two women
to spin a yarn (in order to deceive) inventar una historia
I sit by the fire a while longer and spin a long yarn to relate in the dim future to my grandchildren Jimmy spun his yarn with histrionic relish
He turns up at his usual garage and spins them a yarn of how his car got crunched she'll probably spin them a yarn about some prince or god in the 50's he wrote it meant to deceive, as in `to spin a yarn.' Don't spin yarns to me! I know, see? He's spinning one of his yarns again
intransitive verb
1 (rotate) girar; dar vueltas
The top continued to spin Planets spin on their orbits Small rotors can spin at 400-500 rpm The rotor blades began spinning
his wheels began to spin as he tried to get off the grass las ruedas empezaron a dar vueltas cuando intentó salir de la hierba
The car wheels spun and slipped on some oil on the road
she spun around or round to face him se dio la vuelta para tenerlo de frente
He spun around on the stool to face us Lucy spun around in her chair He spun around and headed for the door to spin round and round to spin (like a top) The pendulum was spinning like a top in my hand the movement of the dancers spinning like children's toy tops
my head is spinning me da vueltas la cabeza; it makes my head spin me marea
to make one's sb's head spin
2 (move quickly)
to spin along correr a gran velocidad
they were spinning along wide, open roads Spinning along a country road one afternoon, he caught his toe in the spokes and fell off his bicycle
the car spun out of control el coche se descontroló y empezó a dar vueltas
things rapidly spun out of control Political leaders fear the crisis touched off by the accusations has already spun out of control He drank more. His behavior began to spin more wildly out of control She was killed when her car spun out of control
to send sth/sb spinning: the blow sent him spinning el golpe le hizo rodar por el suelo; she sent the plate spinning through the air lanzó el plato a rodar por los aires
Salisbury turned his arm and wrist naturally, and the ball spun
3 [+washing machine] centrifugar
4 (with spinning wheel) hilar
The reel was designed to give the angler more control when spinning for pike and salmon
Spin class (n) clase (f) de Spinning;&trade
spin doctor (n) (Pol) asesoraasesora (m) (f) políticoapolíticoa;a asesora a políticoa
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