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1. pincho (m)
  • spikes zapatillas (f pl) de clavos (running shoes)
transitive verb
  • to spike somebody's guns chafarle los planes a alguien (spoil plans)
  • to spike somebody's drink añadir licor a la bebida de alguien
spike [spaɪk]
1 (point) punta (f); (metal rod) pincho (m); (stake) estaca (f); (tool) escarpia (f); (on railing) barrote (m); (on sports shoes) clavo (m);
2 (Zool) [of hedgehog etc] púa (f)
3 (Electricity and Electronics) pico (m) parásito
4 (Bot) espiga (f)
5 spikes (Dep) zapatillas (f) con clavos
transitive verb
1 (fix) clavar; (impale) atravesar
2 (stop) [+rumour] acabar con; (thwart) [+plan etc] frustrar
to spike sb's guns poner trabas a los planes de algn
a spiked drink (with added alcohol) una bebida con alcohol añadido de extranjis; (drugged) una bebida a la que le han echado algo, como un somnífero, droga etc.
spike heel (n) (US) tacón (m) de aguja
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