Spectacle in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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1. espectáculo (m) (show, sight)
  • to make a spectacle of oneself dar el espectáculo, dar el número
  • spectacles gafas (f pl) , lentes (f pl) (Am), anteojos mpl (Am)
  • a pair of spectacles unas gafas
  • spectacle case estuche (m) de gafas; (hard) funda (f) de gafas (soft)
spectacle [ˈspektəkl]
1 espectáculo (m)
a sad spectacle un triste espectáculo; to make a spectacle of o.s. hacer el ridículo; ponerse en ridículo
2 spectacles gafas (f); lentes (m); (LAm) anteojos (m); (LAm)
a pair of spectacles unas gafas
to see everything through rose-coloured or rose-tinted spectacles verlo todo color de rosa
spectacle case (n) estuche (m) de gafas
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