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1. (tool) 
a. la pala (F) 
to call a spade a spadellamar a las cosas por su nombre, llamar al pan pan y al vino vino
2. (in cards) 
spadespicas fpl
spade [speɪd]
1 (tool) pala (f)
to call a spade a spade llamar al pan pan y al vino vino
2 spades (Cards) picas (f); picos (m); (in Spanish pack) espadas (f)
the three of spades el tres de espadas; to play spades jugar espadas; to play a spade jugar una espada
Not only had we beat the odds, we had won in spades! we needn't have worried, you guys came through in spades
3 negroanegra (m) (f);a negra
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