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1. (culinary) 
a. la sopa (F) 
The taste of my mom's soup takes me back to my childhood.El sabor de la sopa de mi mamá me hace recordar mi niñez.
1. (general) 
a. la sopa (F) 
2. (fam fig) 
to be in the soupestar en un aprieto
soup kitchencomedor popular
soup ladlecucharón m
soup plateplato hondo or sopero
soup spooncuchara sopera
soup [suːp]
(thin) caldo (m); consomé (m); (thick) sopa (f)
vegetable soup sopa (f) de verduras
to be in the soup estar en apuros
soup kitchen (n) comedor (m) popular; olla (f) común
soup plate (n) plato (m) sopero
soup spoon (n) cuchara (f) sopera
soup tureen (n) sopera (f)
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