"sorprende" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to surprise (asombrar)
  • me sorprende verte por aquí -> I'm surprised to see you here
  • no me sorprende que se haya marchado -> I'm not surprised she's left
2. to catch (atrapar, pillar)
  • nos sorprendió la tormenta -> we got caught in the storm
  • sorprender a alguien (haciendo algo) -> to catch somebody (doing something)
pronomial verb
1. to be surprised (de by o at)

sorprender [sor-pren-derr’]
article & verb transitive
1. To surprise, to fall upon unexpectedly, to take by surprise; to come upon; to overtake.
2. To execute something silently and with caution.
3. To surprise, to astonish by something wonderful or sudden.
verb reflexive
4. To be surprised, to be amazed.
  • No me sorprendería de que fuera así -> I wouldn't be surprised if it were like that

1 (asombrar) to surprise
no me sorprendería que ... I wouldn't be surprised if ...
2 (coger desprevenido) to catch; (Mil) to surprise
lo sorprendieron robando they caught him stealing
nos sorprendieron todavía en pijama
3 [+conversación] to overhear; [+secreto] to find out; discover; [+escondrijo] to find
to be surprising
sorprende observar cómo lo hace it's surprising to see how he does it; sorprende la delicadeza de su verso the delicacy of her poetry is surprising
sorprenderse to be surprised
me sorprendí de la claridad de sus ideas I was surprised at the clarity of his ideas; no me sorprendí de que se enfadara I wasn't surprised he got angry; se sorprendió mucho he was very surprised

Verb Conjugations for "sorprender" (go to to surprise; to catch)


yo sorprendo sorprendí sorprendía sorprendería sorprenderé
sorprendes sorprendiste sorprendías sorprenderías sorprenderás
él/ella/Ud. sorprende sorprendió sorprendía sorprendería sorprenderá
nosotros sorprendemos sorprendimos sorprendíamos sorprenderíamos sorprenderemos
vosotros sorprendéis sorprendisteis sorprendíais sorprenderíais sorprenderéis
ellos/ellas/Uds. sorprenden sorprendieron sorprendían sorprenderían sorprenderán
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