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sordo, -a
1. deaf (que no oye)
  • permanecer sordo, -a a o ante algo (figurative) -> to be deaf to something
  • estar más sordo, -a que una tapia -> to be stone deaf
2. quiet, muffled (pasos)
3. dull (ruido, dolor)
4. voiceless, unvoiced (grammar)
masculine or feminine noun
5. deaf person (persona)
  • los sordos -> the deaf
  • hacerse el sordo, -a -> to turn a deaf ear

sordo [sor’-do, dah]
1. Deaf, unable to hear.
2. Silent, still, quiet (máquina).
3. Deafening.
  • Quedarse sordo -> to go deaf
  • Permanecer sordo a -> to remain deaf to
  • Sordo como una tapia -> deaf as a stone

sordoa sorda
1 [+persona] deaf
quedarse sordo to go deaf
mostrarse sordo a permanecer sordo a to be deaf to
se mostró sordo a sus súplicas he was deaf to her entreaties; her entreaties fell on deaf ears
a la sorda
a sordas
on the quiet; surreptitiously
sordo como una tapia as deaf as a post
2 (insonoro) [+ruido] dull; muffled; [+dolor] dull; [+emoción, ira] suppressed
3 (Lingüística) voiceless
deaf person
hacerse el sordo to pretend not to hear; turn a deaf ear

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