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transitive verb
1. (to tolerate)
a. to stand
Su marido la dejó porque no podía soportar sus mentiras.Her husband left her because he couldn't stand her lies.
2. (to endure)
a. to bear
El chico soportó el tratamiento doloroso con valor. The boy bore the painful treatment bravely.
3. (to hold up)
a. to support
Los montantes de la pared soportan la plataforma.The platform is being supported by the wall studs.
transitive verb
1. to support (sostener)
2. to stand (resistir, tolerar)
  • ¡no lo soporto! I can't stand him/it!
  • no sé cómo soportas que te hablen así I don't know how you put up with them talking to you like that
  • no soporta que le griten he can't bear being shouted at
3. to endure, to bear (sobrellevar)
  • el niño soportó el castigo sin inmutarse the child took his punishment bravely
pronominal verb
1. to stand one another (mutuamente)
transitive verb
1 (resistir) [+peso] to support; [+presión] to resist; withstand
cuatro pilares soportan la bóveda the vault is supported by four pillars; las vigas soportan el peso del techo the beams bear o carry the weight of the ceiling
2 (aguantar) [+dolor, contratiempo, clima] to bear; [+persona] to put up with
soportaba su enfermedad con resignación she bore her illness with resignation; soportó a su marido durante años she put up with her husband for years; soporta mal el dolor she cannot stand pain; no soporto a ese imbécil I can't stand that idiot; no soporta que la critiquen she can't stand being criticized
pronominal verb
Ruth y Blanca no se soportan Ruth and Blanca can't stand each other
Verb Conjugations for soportar
Gerund: soportando
Participle: soportado
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