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transitive verb
1. to blow out (vela, fuego)
2. to blow off (ceniza, polvo)
3. to blow up (globo)
4. to blow (vidrio)
5. to prompt (informal) (en examen)
  • me sopló las respuestas he whispered the answers to me
6. (informal) (denunciar)
  • le sopló a la policía la hora del atraco he informed the police of the time of the robbery
7. to pinch (informal) (hurtar) (peninsular Spanish), to nick (British)
  • soplar algo a alguien to pinch o nick something off somebody (British)
intransitive verb
8. to blow (echar aire)
9. to booze (informal) (beber) (peninsular Spanish)
10. (informal) (en examen)
  • le expulsaron por soplar he was thrown out for whispering the answers
pronominal verb
1. to gobble up (informal) (comida) (peninsular Spanish); to knock back (bebida)
2. to put up with (informal) (aguantar) (Mexican Spanish)
transitive verb
1 (echar aire sobre) [+polvo] to blow away; blow off; [+superficie, sopa, fuego] to blow on; [+vela] to blow out; [+globo] to blow up; [+vidrio] to blow
2 (inspirar) to inspire
3 (decir confidencialmente)
soplar la respuesta a algn to whisper the answer to sb; soplar a algn (ayudar a recordar) to prompt sb; soplar a algn algo referente a otro to tell sb something nasty about somebody
4 (delatar) to split on (familiar)
5 (birlar) to pinch (familiar)
6 (cobrar) to charge; sting (familiar)
me han soplado ocho dólares they stung me for eight dollars; ¿cuánto te soplaron? how much did they sting you for?
7 [+golpe]
le sopló un buen mamporro she whacked o clouted him one (familiar)
intransitive verb
1 [+persona, viento] to blow
¡sopla! (indicando sorpresa) well I'm blowed! (familiar)
2 (delatar) to split (familiar); squeal (familiar)
3 [+beber] to drink; booze
pronominal verb
1 (devorar)
soplarse un pastel to wolf (down) a cake; se sopla un litro entero he knocks back a whole litre (familiar)
2 (delatar)
soplarse de algn to split on sb (familiar); sneak on sb
3 (engreírse) to get conceited
Verb Conjugations for soplar
Gerund: soplando
Participle: soplado
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