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1. (within a short time)
a. pronto
After taking the pregnancy test, she will soon know whether she is pregnant.Tras hacer la prueba de embarazo, pronto sabrá si está embarazada.
b. dentro de poco
Set the table; the dinner will be ready soon.Pon la mesa, la cena estará lista dentro de poco.
2. (early)
a. pronto
My flight arrived soon, and I had to wait for over an hour to get picked up. Mi vuelo llegó pronto y tuve que esperar casi una hora para que me recogieran.
b. temprano
They say that giving birth at seven month is too soon.Se dice que dar a luz a siete meses de embarazo es demasiado temprano.
1. pronto (within a short time)
  • it will soon be Friday pronto será viernes
  • see you soon! ¡hasta pronto!
  • soon after(wards) poco después
  • soon after four poco después de las cuatro
  • no sooner had she left than… en cuanto se fue…
2. pronto (early)
  • must you leave so soon? ¿tienes que irte tan pronto?
  • it's too soon to tell aún no se puede saber
  • none too soon en buena hora
  • how soon can you get here? ¿cuánto tardarás or demorarás en llegar? (Am)
  • sooner or later tarde o temprano
  • the sooner the better cuanto antes mejor
  • as soon as tan pronto como
  • as soon as possible lo antes posible
3. (expressing preference)
  • I would just as soon stay preferiría quedarme
  • I would sooner do it alone preferiría hacerlo yo solo
soon [suːn]
1 (before long) pronto; dentro de poco
I'll soon finish that Soon she would have to retire We'll be leaving very soon "When are you going to do it?" "Soon" He soon changed his mind We didn't expect you to finish so soon Soon after that I left for Vienna She got back earlier than I'd expected - soon after lunch he hesitated to mention the idea of writing a biography so soon after the tragic death He rented a TV soon after moving into his apartment
they'll be here soon pronto llegarán; llegarán dentro de poco; it will soon be summer pronto llegará el verano; falta poco para que llegue el verano
soon afterwards poco después
come back soon vuelve pronto
2 (early, quickly) pronto; temprano
Must you leave so soon?
how soon can you be ready? ¿cuánto tardas en prepararte?
how soon can you come? ¿cuándo puedes venir?
Friday is too soon el viernes es muy pronto
we got there too soon llegamos demasiado pronto or temprano; it's too soon to tell es demasiado pronto para saber; we were none too soon no llegamos antes de tiempo; llegamos justo; all too soon it was over terminó demasiado pronto; not a minute or moment too soon ya era hora
it's fallen on hard times, and some may say not a minute too soon spokesman Frank Dobson said the price cut was not a minute too soon
as soon as en cuanto; tan pronto como
I'll do it as soon as I can lo haré en cuanto pueda; lo haré tan pronto como pueda; as soon as you see her en cuanto la veas; tan pronto como la veas; as soon as it was finished en cuanto se terminó; as soon as possible cuanto antes; lo antes posible; lo más pronto posible
4 (expressing preference)
I would (just) as soon not go preferiría no ir; I would (just) as soon he didn't know preferiría que él no lo supiera; she'd marry him as soon as not se casaría con él y tan contenta
He would as soon die as betray his friends I would just as soon stay here with you
As with other time conjunctions, en cuanto and tan pronto como are used with the subjunctive if the action which follows hasn't happened yet or hadn't happened at the time of speaking:
As soon as or The moment we finish, I've got to write an editorial En cuanto terminemos or Tan pronto como terminemos, tengo que escribir un editorial
As soon as I know the dates, I'll let you know En cuanto sepa or Tan pronto como sepa las fechas, te lo diré
En cuanto and tan pronto como are used with the indicative when the action in the time clause has already taken place:
He left the podium as soon as or the moment he received his prize Se bajó del podio en cuanto recibió or tan pronto como recibió el premio
En cuanto and tan pronto como are also used with the indicative when describing habitual actions:
As soon as any faxes arrive, they're put in a special box En cuanto llegan or Tan pronto como llegan los faxes, se guardan en una caja especial
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