feminine noun
1. probe (medicine & mechanics)
  • sonda espacial -> space probe
  • sonda gástrica -> stomach pump
2. sounding line (Náut)
3. drill, bore (mining)

sonda [son'-dah]
1. Sounding, heaving the lead. (Nautical) (f)
2. Sound, load, a cord with a heavy weight attached for sounding. (f)
3. Borer, any instrument for examining the strata of the earth. (f)
4. Sound; probe. (Medical) (f)
5. In artillery, searcher, proof stick. (f)

1 (acción) sounding
2 (Med) probe
3 (Náutica) lead
sonda acústica echo sounder
sonda espacial space probe
4 (Técnica) bore; drill

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