transitive verb
1. (to resolve) 
a. resolver 
In an attempt to solve the financial crisis, the government imposed new taxes.En un intento de resolver la crisis financiera, el gobierno impuso nuevos impuestos.
You must solve the problem yourself.Tienes que solucionar el problema tú mismo.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. resolver 
solve [sɒlv]
transitive verb
[+problem, puzzle] resolver; solucionar; [+mystery, crime] resolver; esclarecer
to solve a riddle resolver una adivinanza; adivinar or resolver un acertijo; that question remains to be solved aún queda por resolver esa cuestión
That would create more problems than it would solve He said hoped the changes would help solve the question of mass emigration Why opt for military action to solve this crisis? Police failed to solve the crime They are seeking the detectives' help in solving the mystery of the twins' whereabouts Union leaders are to meet to discuss a new approach to solving the dispute We met to try to solve our differences We spend a lot of our time solving crosswords and doing competitions a new way of solving differential equations
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solve problems
solucionar problemas
solve the problem
resolver el problema
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