Soltero in English | Spanish to English Translation
el soltero, la soltera
feminine or masculine noun
1. (unmarried)
a. single person
¿Sabes si habrá solteros en la fiesta?Do you know if there will be any singles at the party?
2. (unmarried)
a. single
Es una madre soltera, así que siempre está muy ocupada.She's a single mother, so she is always very busy.
soltero, -a
1. single, unmarried
masculine or feminine noun
2. bachelor, (f) single woman
solteroa soltera
single; unmarried
está soltera she's single; she's unmarried; madre soltera single o unmarried mother
single o unmarried man/woman; bachelor/spinster
apellido de soltera maiden name; la señora de García, Rodríguez de soltera Mrs García, née Rodríguez
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