"soltar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to let go of (desasir)
  • ¡suéltame! -> let me go!, let go of me!
2. to release (dejar ir) (preso, animales, freno)
  • no suelta ni un ->
  • duro o ->
  • centavo -> you can't get a penny out of her (peninsular SpanishAm)
  • si yo pillo un trabajo así, no lo suelto (informal) -> if I got a job like that I wouldn't let go of it o I'd make sure I hung on to it
3. to let o pay out (desenrollar) (cable, cuerda)
4. to give (risotada, grito, suspiro)
  • soltar una patada a alguien -> to give somebody a kick, to kick somebody
  • soltar un puñetazo a alguien -> to punch somebody
5. to come out with (decir bruscamente)
6. to give off (desprender) (calor, olor, gas)
  • estas hamburguesas sueltan mucha grasa -> a lot of fat comes out of these burgers when you fry them
7. (laxar)
  • soltar el vientre -> to loosen one's bowels
pronomial verb
1. to break free (desasirse)
2. (desatarse)
  • se soltó el moño -> she let her bun down
3. to come off (desprenderse)
4. to let go (perder timidez)
  • soltarse en algo -> to get the hang of something (adquirir habilidad)

soltar [sol-tar’]
article & verb transitive
1. To untie, to loosen.
2. To set at liberty, to discharge.
3. To burst out into laughter or crying (risa).
4. To explain, to decipher, to solve.
5. To drop (dejar caer), to cast off (amarra), to release (freno), to set free (animales), to let go of (riendas).
  • Soltar la carga -> to throw down a burden
  • Soltar la palabra -> to absolve one from an obligation or promise; to pledge one’s word for anything
  • Soltó una par de palabrotas -> he came out with a couple of rude words
verb reflexive
6. To get loose.
7. To grow expeditious and handy in the performance of a thing.
8. To forego all decency and modesty.
9. To lose control (perder el control).
10. To become expert (adquirir pericia).
  • No se vaya a soltar el perro -> don't let the dog get out
  • Soltarse de las manos de uno -> to escape from somebody's clutches
  • Soltarse del estómago -> to have diarrhoea

1 (dejar de agarrar) to let go of; (dejar caer) to drop
soltó mi mano he let go of my hand; ¡suéltenme! let go of me!; let me go!; no sueltes la cuerda don't let go of the rope; el gato me soltó el ratón en los pies the cat dropped the mouse at my feet; dejó de escribir y soltó el bolígrafo she stopped writing and put down her pen
soltó la bolsa de la compra en un banco
2 [+amarras] to cast off; [+nudo, cinturón] (quitar) to untie; undo; (aflojar) to loosen
ve soltando cuerda mientras bajas pay the rope out gradually as you descend
3 (Automóviles) [+embrague] to let out; release; disengage (formal); [+freno] to release
4 (dejar libre) [+preso, animal] to release; set free; [+agua] to let out; run off
soltó una paloma blanca en señal de paz he released a white dove as a token of peace
5 (emitir) [+gas, olor] to give off; [+grito] to let out
suelta vapores peligrosos it gives off dangerous fumes
unas estufas negras que soltaban más humo que calor aguafuerte o sulfamán, porque suelta vapores muy peligrosos para respirar o para los ojos
solté un suspiro de alivio I let out o heaved a sigh of relief; soltar una carcajada to burst out laughing; soltar un estornudo to sneeze; soltar un suspiro to sigh
6 (asestar)
soltar un golpe to deal a blow; le soltó un puñetazo she hit him
7 (al hablar) [+noticia] to break; [+indirecta] to drop; [+blasfemia] to come out with; let fly
les volvió a soltar el mismo sermón he gave them the lecture all over again; ¡suéltalo ya! out with it!; spit it out! (familiar); soltó un par de palabrotas he came out with a couple of rude words; he let fly a couple of obscenities
soltar cuatro verdades a algn to tell sb a few home truths
les voy a soltar cuatro verdades decidí tragarme el disgusto y las ganas de soltar unas cuantas verdades
8 (perder) [+puesto, privilegio] to give up; [+dinero] to cough up (familiar)
no quiere soltar el puesto por nada del mundo he won't give up the job for anything in the world
9 [+serpiente] [+piel] to shed
10 (resolver) [+dificultad] to solve; [+duda] to resolve; [+objeción] to satisfy; deal with
11 (And) (ceder) to cede; give; hand over
1 (liberarse)
que no se vaya a soltar el perro don't let the dog get out o get loose
soltarse de las manos de algn
logró soltarse y pedir ayuda he managed to free himself o get free and call for help
2 (desprenderse) to come off; (aflojarse) to come loose; work loose
soltarse los botones to undo one's buttons; soltarse el pelo to let one's hair down
soltarse el estómago
3 (deshacerse) [+cordón, nudo] to come undone; come untied; [+costura] to come unstitched
4 (desenvolverse) (con actividad) to become expert; (con idioma) to become fluent
soltarse a andar/hablar to start walking/talking
5 (independizarse) to achieve one's independence; win freedom
6 (desmandarse) to lose control of o.s.
soltarse a su gusto to let off steam; let fly
soltarse con: soltarse con una idea absurda to come up with a silly idea; soltarse con una contribución de 50 dólares to come up with a 50-dollar contribution; por fin se soltó con algunos peniques he eventually parted with a few coppers

Verb Conjugations for "soltar" (go to to let go of; to drop)


yo suelto solté soltaba soltaría soltaré
sueltas soltaste soltabas soltarías soltarás
él/ella/Ud. suelta soltó soltaba soltaría soltará
nosotros soltamos soltamos soltábamos soltaríamos soltaremos
vosotros soltáis soltasteis soltabais soltaríais soltaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. sueltan soltaron soltaban soltarían soltarán
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