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transitive verb
1. to let go of (desasir)
  • ¡suéltame! let me go!, let go of me!
2. to release (dejar ir) (preso, animales, freno)
  • no suelta ni un
  • duro o
  • centavo you can't get a penny out of her (peninsular SpanishAm)
  • si yo pillo un trabajo así, no lo suelto (informal) if I got a job like that I wouldn't let go of it o I'd make sure I hung on to it
3. to let o pay out (desenrollar) (cable, cuerda)
4. to give (risotada, grito, suspiro)
  • soltar una patada a alguien to give somebody a kick, to kick somebody
  • soltar un puñetazo a alguien to punch somebody
5. to come out with (decir bruscamente)
6. to give off (desprender) (calor, olor, gas)
  • estas hamburguesas sueltan mucha grasa a lot of fat comes out of these burgers when you fry them
7. (laxar)
  • soltar el vientre to loosen one's bowels
pronominal verb
1. to break free (desasirse)
2. (desatarse)
  • se soltó el moño she let her bun down
3. to come off (desprenderse)
4. to let go (perder timidez)
  • soltarse en algo to get the hang of something (adquirir habilidad)
transitive verb
1 (dejar de agarrar) to let go of; (dejar caer) to drop
soltó mi mano he let go of my hand; ¡suéltenme! let go of me!; let me go!; no sueltes la cuerda don't let go of the rope; el gato me soltó el ratón en los pies the cat dropped the mouse at my feet; dejó de escribir y soltó el bolígrafo she stopped writing and put down her pen
soltó la bolsa de la compra en un banco
2 [+amarras] to cast off; [+nudo, cinturón] (quitar) to untie; undo; (aflojar) to loosen
ve soltando cuerda mientras bajas pay the rope out gradually as you descend
3 (Automóviles) [+embrague] to let out; release; disengage (formal); [+freno] to release
4 (dejar libre) [+preso, animal] to release; set free; [+agua] to let out; run off
soltó una paloma blanca en señal de paz he released a white dove as a token of peace
5 (emitir) [+gas, olor] to give off; [+grito] to let out
suelta vapores peligrosos it gives off dangerous fumes
unas estufas negras que soltaban más humo que calor aguafuerte o sulfamán, porque suelta vapores muy peligrosos para respirar o para los ojos
solté un suspiro de alivio I let out o heaved a sigh of relief; soltar una carcajada to burst out laughing; soltar un estornudo to sneeze; soltar un suspiro to sigh
6 (asestar)
soltar un golpe to deal a blow; le soltó un puñetazo she hit him
7 (al hablar) [+noticia] to break; [+indirecta] to drop; [+blasfemia] to come out with; let fly
les volvió a soltar el mismo sermón he gave them the lecture all over again; ¡suéltalo ya! out with it!; spit it out! (familiar); soltó un par de palabrotas he came out with a couple of rude words; he let fly a couple of obscenities
soltar cuatro verdades a algn to tell sb a few home truths
les voy a soltar cuatro verdades decidí tragarme el disgusto y las ganas de soltar unas cuantas verdades
8 (perder) [+puesto, privilegio] to give up; [+dinero] to cough up (familiar)
no quiere soltar el puesto por nada del mundo he won't give up the job for anything in the world
9 [+serpiente] [+piel] to shed
10 (resolver) [+dificultad] to solve; [+duda] to resolve; [+objeción] to satisfy; deal with
11 (And) (ceder) to cede; give; hand over
pronominal verb
1 (liberarse)
que no se vaya a soltar el perro don't let the dog get out o get loose
soltarse de las manos de algn
logró soltarse y pedir ayuda he managed to free himself o get free and call for help
2 (desprenderse) to come off; (aflojarse) to come loose; work loose
soltarse los botones to undo one's buttons; soltarse el pelo to let one's hair down
soltarse el estómago
3 (deshacerse) [+cordón, nudo] to come undone; come untied; [+costura] to come unstitched
4 (desenvolverse) (con actividad) to become expert; (con idioma) to become fluent
soltarse a andar/hablar to start walking/talking
5 (independizarse) to achieve one's independence; win freedom
6 (desmandarse) to lose control of o.s.
soltarse a su gusto to let off steam; let fly
soltarse con: soltarse con una idea absurda to come up with a silly idea; soltarse con una contribución de 50 dólares to come up with a 50-dollar contribution; por fin se soltó con algunos peniques he eventually parted with a few coppers
Verb Conjugations for soltar
Gerund: soltando
Participle: soltado,suelto
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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