solitario, -a
1. solitary (persona, vida)
2. lonely, deserted (lugar)
masculine or feminine noun
3. loner (persona)
masculine noun
4. solitaire (diamante)
5. patience (juego) (British), solitaire (United States)

solitario [so-le-tah’-re-o, ah]
1. Solitary, lonely (vida, persona); lonely, bleak, lonesome, isolated (lugar).
2. Cloistered, retired.
3. Solitary, lonely, recluse, a hermit. (m)
  • Vivir solitario -> to live alone
4. Solitaire, a card game played by one person alone. (m)
5. Solitaire, a single rich diamond. (m)

solitarioa solitaria
1 [+persona, vida] solitary; lonely; lonesome; (EEUU)
vivir solitario to live alone o on one's own
2 [+lugar] lonely; desolate
a esa hora la calle está solitaria at that hour the street is deserted o empty
(recluso) recluse; (ermitaño) hermit;
1 (Naipes) solitaire
2 (diamante) solitaire
en solitario alone; on one's own; vuelta al mundo en solitario solo trip around the world; tocar en solitario to play solo

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