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solidario, -a
1. supportive (actitud)(con of)
  • un gesto solidario, -a a gesture of solidarity
  • contamos con el apoyo solidario, -a de nuestros compañeros en otras fábricas we have the support of our fellow workers in other factories
  • ser solidario, -a con alguien to show solidarity with somebody
  • nos hacemos solidarios de vuestra causa we join with you in your cause
2. mutually binding (obligación, compromiso)
1 (humanitario) caring
Luis es muy solidario Luis is a very caring person; vivimos en un mundo poco solidario we live in an uncaring world; we live in a world where it's every man for himself; un acto solidario an act of solidarity
solidario con algo/algn
se ha mostrado muy solidario con nuestra causa he has been very sympathetic to our cause; he has shown a lot of solidarity with our cause; hacerse solidario con algo/algn to declare one's solidarity with sth/sb
solidario de algo
hacerse solidario de una opinión to echo an opinion
2 (Jur) [+compromiso] mutually binding; shared in common; [+participación] joint; common; [+firmante, participante] jointly liable
responsabilidad solidaria joint liability
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